A Kingdom of Kings and Queens | (Original Poem)

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I live in a kingdom
Full of kings and queens

Where they would all struggle for dominance
Never mind having the same genes

Each day I would wonder
Would today see a war zone?
Or would it go on and on
This passive-aggressive struggle for the throne?

I hunch my shoulders in
Hoping I wouldn't be seen

Not wanting to be in anyone's way
In case I invoke the wrath of a king or a queen

I live in a kingdom
the royals clash
Where the weather is unpredictable
A fight could erupt in a flash

There must be another place to run to
But then I can't be out there
For my life is tied to this kingdom
A prisoner drowning in despair

Was it always like this
When I was way, way young?
I couldn't remember when it began
The need to be invisible or to bite back my tongue

I live in a kingdom
the princes and princesses are all grown up
Where their moods blow like the wind
You could get swallowed up without so much as a heads-up

"Off with your head
Or take the lashes in stride
You are nothing but peasant trash
Just go on and hide"

Would the physical blows be better?
Or would the words hurt me less?
Do I have a chance at all
In this deadly game of chess?

I live in a kingdom
Where I feel
I don't belong
But cruel Destiny cursed me
I've no choice but to play along

I wish fervently I could leave
Never mind if it spells my death
Because what use is living
If you're miserable with each breath

But one day I will have the courage to run away
Be alive as I could be
Death might claim me thereafter
But, at least even briefly, I was happy and free

I live in a kingdom full of kings and queens. Each day I would hunch my shoulders in, hoping I wouldn't be seen. I live in a kingdom where my life is drowning in despair. Was it always like this when it began? I live in a kingdom where "you are nothing but peasant trash". Do I have a chance at all? I live in a kingdom where I feel miserable with each breath. But one day I will be alive, happy and free.

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Dude, don't say you have upvoted when you haven't. I don't mind the non-upvote but coming to my wall and blatantly lying to me while dropping advertisements is just messed up and makes you like a scammer. And you blog about personal development? Woah. Scary stuff to be reading that from someone who'd lie for measly upvote.


Hi Brother, thanks for writing me back , i corrected my mistake .it was escaped mistakenly .

Fantastic, as always! :)


You always read my poetry. Thank you very much :)


It is my pleasure. :)

VERY well said <3 The image of the bird at the end gave me goose bumps, you had my full attention! (which is no small feat, you know)


Thank you! Haha I thought the bird picture would be fitting so I put one for freedom yeah!

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