Memorial about Our First Dog: Babygirl

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Our dog Babygirl is the first dog we got when I was a little girl. Babygirl stayed with us for 15 to 16 years. At first, she was a playful dog and a dog won't listen sometimes to a calm dog who listens to us. I still miss her until this day.

Babygirl love to run around and jumping in such a young age. She's gentle and only barks at someone we don't know of. I always outside to check on her to see how's she doing. She let me pets her and sitting next to her.

When she got older, she has 7 to 8 puppies and all survive too. The only parts that annoy me are when they started teething. They bite my pants and my shoes and I can barely walk. 😤 One of them almost pulled my pants down and I got embarrassed.

This is her daughter who is so much like Babygirl but spoiled. She has a brother too but I don't have the pictures on this phone since it is a new phone. Babygirl is a gentle mom too when one of her puppies somehow got out from the pin, I quickly grabbed him gently and put him back to his mom and she doesn't seem to worry about it.

Sadly, Babygirl and daughter and son passed away due of aging. Her puppies were adopted to different families. I hope they will be ok there. What's sad that Derrick and Winter never had the chance to see Babygirl. Derrick is Babygirl's son and Winter is her stepson. It surprises me that Babygirl stayed with the family for a very long time. Good times, bad times, and even bad weathers such as hurricanes.

Rip Babygirl. We missed you and we love you so much.

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