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My baby girl left for college in August, she is having a wonderful time on the Purdue Campus but I am missing her very much. I have never gone so long without seeing my child. Last time I saw her was on Labor Day when I took her back up to campus as she came home for a long weekend.

She has braces so I will see her again on the 12th when I take her to the orthodontist for her adjustment. But I don't know if I can wait that long. I miss her so much. I kind of want to get up early go get her sister and her niece and nephew and go surprise her and take her for lunch. I know her last class gets out at 11:45 am but she could have plans and that is a long drive if she isn't available.

I know she is all grown up now, but in my eyes I still see this little girl, my baby girl

I can't wait to see my youngest daughter again, it is hard for me with her being so far away. Maybe I should have encouraged her to go to Ball State instead, since it is closer to home than Purdue is. But Purdue was the better choice for her education with what she is majoring in. She is studying to be a Chemist. She always made good grades and loved science. But I always thought she would do something with art as she is a talented artist.

the piece with the blue ribbon is hers

My baby girl is no longer a baby but a beautiful grown young woman. I look forward to watching her grow and mature into the adult she is meant to be. But oh my I have to tell you when she picked this dress out for prom I was surprised because she is really modest and this was the first time I have ever seen her in such a revealing dress. But she took my breathe away, she looked so pretty and grown up.


I wish she was closer so I could visit her easier when I miss her. I miss my oldest baby girl too, but she lives close enough for me to visit her and my grandbabies. It sucks missing your kids when they fly the nest but it is the next stage in life. It is just gonna take some getting use to. And in 3 months my only son my youngest will be turning 18 and graduating in May. Time has gonna way to fast.


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Your post really got to me. My own daughter is 18 and I know she might choose to go away, who knows, maybe next year and I cannot imagine how it would feel. The longest we've been apart is a week, but I had no problems with that as I knew she'd be back soon.
Stay positive, it's all for the best and maybe one day she'll move closer to home.

I am good most of the time just every now and again it becomes raw on how much I miss her.

She's pretty!

thank you and her her personality matches her looks, she is so giving of herself and thinks of others before she does herself. I feel blessed

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