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The husband is the man and the boss of the home. He is not just the boss of the home, but he is more superior than an office boss. He is not a man, because he is a male but standing up to the family trials and living up to his responsibilities these makes him a man and the husband to his wife.
The head is very important in the body. But no head can achieve anything without the body. Neither can the body, do anything without the head. The more the physical body grows, so the head adjusts properly to suit the body. The book of Proverbs says, her husband is known in the gate when he sitteth among the elders. As you enhance and ensure the spiritual growth of your wife, so also your spiritual life grows, besides you'll be known at the gate and you will sit among the elders. Therefore, the identity of a wife is only found in her husband, both physically, and spiritually. The big
question is: what identity are you giving to your wife? Remember, no woman, will call her man her husband, until he is responsible and mature enough to handle
responsibilities in the home.
The Acronym of Husband and its meaning are:
•‎N-Next Of Kin,


The word husband has seven letter alphabets and seven in the scripture is the number of completion, which means, man is the "completion" of the woman
after God. In other words, no woman is complete without a man. In summary, it would be ridiculous for any woman to compare her husband to her boss in the office. The husband is God's representative and he must be respected and lorded.

A husband is the embodiment of happiness in the home. He should put smiles on the faces of his household. Even in the midst of challenges, he should display this quality. It is true that leaving his parents house makes him, a man but attending to his family issue with gladness of heartmakes him a better man. Be civil for once and stop been military or using military approach in leading your home as a man, who wants to be called husband.

An ideal husband should be useful to his
household. He should have the ability to shoulders his family responsibilities and no sign of failure should be noticed in him. He is meant to be the husband, whose life touches his family and others out there. Moreover, until you work, nothing works for you as a man who wants to be a responsible husband. Remember, it is responsibility, that makes a man,a husband to his wife and a father to his children.

Been the husband who is ready to carry his family along without notice of selfishness. Remove self-centeredness from a man, what do you see; togetherness, joy peace and love. It is better to live for something, than to die for nothing. Moreover, being selfless in your dealing with people, doesn't mean you should do things at the detriment of your family. Plan, save and invest for your family.

A man without courage cannot be a backbone to his wife and family. This is a distinctive worth, that distinguishes the lion from all animals. A man who is not brave cannot strengthen or encourage his wife, children and himself in the midst of trials and challenges. Every woman needs a husband, who is strong and can make her strong, when challenges arise. One of the ways to address any challenge and difficulty in the home, is to act brave, not with fear. In summary, you need maturity to be brave as a man. Maturity, is the way and manner you handle situations.

Agreement is a necessity for the husband and wife in every home. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Agreement in marriage boosts up compatibility and harmony within the couple. It s good for the husband and wife to agree together in order to achieve their life goals. It is possible to disagree and agree, but understanding makes the difference. Anything you don't understand is bound to hurt you. Moreover, the key to harmony in any relationship is doing what you hate, to create what you love.
Obviously, it takes compatibility and blend-ability to disagree to agree.

N-Next Of Kin
Your man or woman is your next of kin. Both partners should always address each other as next of kin. Do not be secretive. Many spouses are victim; they go as far as making a member of the family the next of kin, when the marriage is not blessed with children. Even when there's none, both parties must not go empty. Genesis 2:24 Therefore, shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Not to his brother or sister, or extended family, but unto his wife. Every man is a potential father. The woman is his first-born daughter. This also applies to the woman. Remember men are made to be respected while women are made to be loved in every relationship. Husbands, groom your wife. The worst thing, that happen to any relationship, is to bring your peers into it.

D-Different! Diligence
Christ came, to make the difference. We who are called by his name must make the difference in our world. This quality can be seen in his spiritual or physical level of maturity, his words, his attitude toward giving and his general way of life among men. A man who cannot be faulted, for unrighteousness in words and in deeds, is outstanding.
Diligence: According to the oxford dictionary, it is a steady effect put on something without relenting. A husband who is not diligent to his responsibility, cannot always do well. It is good for him to be diligent to his God, family, work and in all facets of his life. Diligence is necessary in order for him, not to fail as a husband or a father. And as a matter of fact, one awful thing that can ruin the matrimonial home is when a man fail as a husband and as a father. As a man of integrity, you can fail as a husband but don't fail as a father, this is because fatherhood is the symbol of authority and the foundation with which a nation is built upon. So is also applicable to motherhood. If fatherhood and motherhood fails, the world will come to an end.

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In one's life, family should be number one

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