We'll Need A Crane...

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I'm not sure why, but I've been thinking of my grandfather, (Dads father) a lot lately. I guess it has a lot to do with I have had some free time in which I can write a bit, and he was such a character, plus such a part of my life, it is only natural.

Pa, well he lived off of a dirt road on top of a hill. It was him and my step grandmother, which, she is another story for another time. She had moved in with Pa when he moved back from Quebec, to look after my uncle Eric, who was around 5 at the time. They did not get along very well, and many summers I was witness to some epic shouting matches.



She was about as wide as she was tall, and ugly, this woman had a face like a bucket full of smashed assholes. Now don't get me wrong, I still thought a great deal about this woman. She was very good to me, but an accurate description is called for here.

Now Pa, well he had a great sense of humor. He was always quick with a laugh, and he had a dry sense of humor. He'd often tell you a joke, and you wouldn't realize it until you busted out laughing when your humor caught up to his joke. One of his biggest sources for material when it came to his jokes, was my step grandmother. He'd often tell his little jokes when we were all sitting around the table at family get togethers, and some people hearing what he'd said, would be fighting down a laugh, so as not to hurt my grandmother's feelings. One of Pa's great joys was to tell my mother a joke at my grandmothers expense to see if she couldn't laugh... he always won!

I remember one Thanksgiving we had all gathered at Pa's, and had a great meal. That woman could really cook, he even had to admit that. While we had been there, a rather bad rain and thunderstorm had come by. Outside, the driveway was a mass of mud. My father had backed off the driveway, and parked on the grass.

We all piled into Dads car when it was time to leave, he managed to get off the grass, but when he hit the driveway he got stuck. The next thing I knew, dad had Mom get behind the wheel, and Pa had came outside to help push the car out. Dad was on the passenger side pushing, and Pa was right at the drivers side window, which Mom had rolled down to hear any instructions they might have for her.

Well they were pushing, and not much was happening, and then out of nowhere there was my grandmother on the same side as dad, she'd came out to help. Another opportunity was given to Pa. You see she was a big woman as I had said, so his words through the drivers side window to mom were, "that woman has to go in the house, if she gets stuck, we'll need a crane to get her unstuck!"

That did it, my mom just busted out, she couldn't control her laughter at all. Meanwhile my grandmother sensed the laughter was because of something Pa had said. Earl, she yelled, ( that was his name) Earl! What did you say? He couldn't have answered if he'd wanted too, he was laughing his ass off at mom laughing!

My mother still tells that story to this day when the occasion arises, and even I still laugh at it after all these years...

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Keep it up Skip! Your anecdotes are funny, and whats more, think about the treasure trove future anthropologists will find when they dig through this blockchain c;

I also read your unsupportive sheeple post, I do try to get around, I suspect many do but maybe only get around to their closest buddies. I'm a little of the opposite, some weeks it takes all my time just to respond to posts on my own blog, and when I do have some good sit down time I often go through @curie voted posts or the @c-squared resteem blog to leave my comments around the platform.

Time has become my enemy, I can't possibly keep up but I appreciate all of the gems I find, and you are definitely one of them! I love how you can remember a funny story, I feel like a lot of funny anecdotes get lost to time...steem on my friend!


hey buddy, caught your chainsaw post, meant to go back and comment. I've been working on a website and it's been giving me all kinds of trouble. I have it fixed for now, but I have some plugins I want to add!


Are you one of those wordpress wizards?! Are all these websites yours or do you have clients that you do these sites for?


I do them for myself. I'm not much of a wizard, there are a lot of great tutorials on youtube! :)