August 29, 2017 marks the date of the big arrival

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I know I have been absent for a while again. I had a good reason.

On the night of August 27, my very pregnant daughter at the time complained about her headache worsening. She had hypertension for weeks prior. I told her to get to the ER. She waited because her headache was better.

On the morning of August 28, my son-in-law called me and said he had to call an ambulance at 4 a.m. My daughter became dizzy in the night and started vomiting. Her blood pressure had risen and that was the first time she started spilling protein.

I was a nervous mom and was afraid for her and the babies. She was monitored for 24 hours. She had been diagnosed with moderate preeclampsia. Her liver enzymes were higher.

Fortunately the twins were not in distress but they had to be delivered on the following day by C section.

The twins were born on August 29, at 36 weeks exactly. Caitlin was born at 12:27 p.m., weighing 5 lbs 9 oz and Arcadia was born at 12:28 p.m. weighing 5 lbs 15 oz.

My daughter was given magnesium for 24 hours to help lower her blood pressure, and she is healing from the C section.

Even though the twins are jaundiced, they are thriving and should be going home in a few days.

Unless you are a close friend who I can trust, I can't share pictures in public. Sorry. The reason for that is stated in this article.

However, I wanted to share the happy news. I am a grandma again! Twice at once this time.

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Congratulations and wishing your daughter a speedy recovery and the best of health to her and the twins


Your Welcome

Yay! Love the names chosen too. Grats!


Thank you @enginewitty ❤️

Yay! Congrats Grandma.


Thank you @fat-elvis ❤️


Congratulations and I'm glad everyone is alright and all the stress around the pregnancy will finally be over her and you!


Thank you @phelimint ❤️ We are all glad the pregnancy is over, and the twins are here safe and sound.

Congratulations grandma to your new grandchildren 😊 a true blessing. It must have been a crazy hard journey for your daughter and glad to hear she recovers well.
Much blessings to you and your family and much joy with your new family members ❤️


Thank you @saffisara ❤️ It was a difficult journey but it had a happy ending!


My pleasure 😊 and so happy for you and your family. My sister has 5 sons so I know the joy of those little ones and I work with small children in preschool so I guess it's safe to say that I love kids 😆lol
Have a great day friend

Oh wow. So glad to hear they're doing better. Twins! So exciting :)


Thank you @avesa ❤️

Congratulations! Hope your daughter has a quick recovery, and the little bundles of joy come home healthy and strong! 💕

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Yay! Congratulations hun!