happiness in the whole world will not be happy"!!

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  • If the responsibility of the organization is on the shoulders, then everyone else feels happy in the family. "
  • The joy of the dead dies slowly
    Whenever your hobbies are lost, it is not always possible.

One day, you thought you wanted the best thing. So you are worried about giving the best of family to everyone today.
Actually this is the love, that's the reality.
One day, if you did not get close to your favorite thing, you would have been upset. Today, you try to give them the favorite thing that is not bad for everyone else in your family.
That's love, that's the reality.

  • One day you said to your father, "Father, do not pay anything." I'll shop.
    Today you make your father shopping.

This is the reality that love is the reality.

  • The time you spent traveling around the bayundo.
    In today's time, you are responsible for taking the responsibility of moving younger brothers to walk in the beach.

This is the reality that love is the reality.

  • One day that you care about your clothes with care and love. Today, you try to make the family all around like mind.

That's love, that's the reality.

  • The time that you used to advertise to the mother and run away with money, from the house. Today, you buy your mother's house and buy it yourself and stay in the house day after day.

That's love, that's the reality.

It is such a real responsibility. Whenever the word itself is lost, it can not be understood at all.
Just seeing the smiling face of the rest of the family, its busy world seems very free.

  • Peace takes peace, it feels good.
    And the trouble takes just when everyone in the family understands mistakes and lists you as selfish.

Nevertheless, whatever happens!
Stay with the family, love the family
Remember, if you can not keep father, mother, brother, sister happy, happiness in the whole world will not be happy.

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