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Our first social nucleus is the family and both our behavior and our perspectives on the world are largely due to what happens within it, which does not mean that relationships are always harmonious, although that would seem to be ideal; In fact, many times the biggest conflicts we live with are members of our family. This can be analyzed from different perspectives (psychological, sociological, psychoanalytic, genetic and spiritual), but in any case our closest family relationships are those that touch the most sensitive fibers of our being both positively and negatively. This is the reason why it is important to take care of our family relationships, as they can be a source of joy and satisfaction or conflict and stress. These tips can help you strengthen your family ties:

1. Reflect

Every relationship we have gives us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and life, as well as to develop spiritually. This seems obvious when the relationship is respectful, loving and both parties feel appreciated and supported, but when the relationship is conflicting, we find it more difficult to accept that it is useful and an opportunity for which we should be grateful. In other words, not all teachers are good vibes but that does not mean they are not effective, so often a difficult relationship is a catalyst for our growth, because nothing makes you develop more patience, tolerance and appreciation for peace than a conflicting relationship.

2. Cultivate humility

We often go through life feeling that we know everything, that our way of doing things is correct and therefore things should be as we want. Relating with others makes it clear that there are many different ways of doing things and that there are many more possibilities than we imagine.

3. Learn to listen

We all want to be heard, because listening is a way of accepting, and we all want to be accepted and feel loved. Before giving your opinion, to scold, complain or criticize, listen. Many times our relatives just want to let off steam and know that we love them and we are there for them. That is the most valuable thing we can give them.

4. Thanks

As we mentioned in point 1 nothing teaches you more about your dark side and how to handle it than a difficult relationship. Although learning can be exhausting, it is incredibly valuable. Take a moment and realize everything you've learned thanks to your family relationships. Then, allow yourself to feel gratitude for everything received. The world may seem like an abyss, but the storm is in you, so when you are able to appreciate your situation and the others involved, a door for forgiveness is also opened. This is a virtuous circle capable of diminishing the inner storm.


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