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RE: Balancing With A Toddler Or A Quick Update by @insight-out

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Nice to "hear" from @insight-out! You ask a question for this age of man which I think afflicts us more than most other times in man’s history. With no “easy button” answer … Just my thoughts in my reflections …. I have no evidence of that being true … 😉

In my life, I try to keep things as simple as I can manage. My time management approach centers around establishing clear priorities and meeting “meaningful” deadlines … I could write a post on what that means to me, but … No time … Hahaha … 😉

Hopefully someone will provide you a tip or two which will provide you some benefit going forward. Until “next time,” take care, my dear friend!



Thank you for your replay, @roleerob! I like your approach: "as simple as I can manage". I should try that.

However, sometimes, I have great trouble prioritizing :/

Yes, well @insight-out

”… I have great trouble prioritizing :/”

… you are not alone. While I did say ”simple,” I did not say ”easy” … 😉

Take care!


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