Say no to suicide

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Before u make up your mind on that suicidal attempt, reach out to atleast the first 3 persons that crossed your mind at that moment. It's fine people are always busy( for good reasons or not) and as such even in your lowest moments they might not be available. But o ye soft hearted before you think you were sent to the garden of eden know that you will meet BAD people, you will WORK with them, you will do BUSINESS with them, you will sit in the SAME CLASSROOM, you will FALL INLOVE with them, they can even be a FAMILY MEMBER that's why you came to this world ALONE(even as a twin you still came first or second).


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Other times take a stroll to emergency units and see what people are passing through. The stitches, the burns, the tears, the fractures etc. I bet some will throw up and others won't feel hungry for atleast the next 6hours. Read on criminal cases, how entrepreneurs got their multi-million/billion companies crash due to one silly mistake. How a soldier went to war and came back deformed, amputed, blinded and in some cases needed neural surgery. So everyday you wake up and bathe your husband, feed him and roll him back to his beside for the rest of your "HAPPY" married life.

No this is not a funny post because it's not funny anymore. You need to read and imagine all these instances, put yourself in it. People with HIV, TB, brain tumor, cancer etc are still happy and looking forward to the next day. But here you are contemplating on something that won't add value to your life. The funniest part of it is that some of these people are Christians. Christians that never read that such act was PROHIBITED!. The same Christians that read the story of Job. So yes, definitely Job should have committed suicide don't you think so?

Well I leave you to your decisions but don't make suicide your last resolve. When you're passing through a tough time it's advisable you stay amongst friends or family. Be more active in your place of worship. Get a work or atleast volunteer. Pray and above all, talk to someone.... there's always someone out there who can help out. The problem is that when that "spirit" sinks in, it has a way of making you feel everything and everyone is worthless and you can only be saved through death. Grow beyond that and you'll come to appreciate life and the beautiful things in it.

Your relationship isn't worth it.
Your disappointments isn't worth it.
A failed marriage isn't worth.
The loss of a loved one isn't worth it.
No medical condition nor academic setback is worth it.

You are WORTH above all those instances. The problem sometimes is that you happen to find yourself in the wrong environment, set of friends, conditions, workplace and so on. And believe me you're the first person that's gonna start that process of getting yourself out. It starts with TALKING TO SOMEONE. My inbox is always OPEN incase you need me, don't just make that last resolve yet.

Happy Thursday.

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