How Safe is Are Your Children within Your Family?

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Most of us are brought up to believe that being with our family is the safest place to be.  We believe that our family is there to love and support through life and that when it comes to crunch time and disaster hits that our family will always be there to pick up the pieces and help us put our lives back together.

For many families this will be true, but for others it is not true. For some people the worst behaviour comes from within the family. 

Child rape by family members is extremely high.


So far we have focused on children that go missing, because there are so many children that go missing and their fate is not good.

However there are many children who are abused within their homes and by family members. 

The actual statistics of the number of children who are raped by a family member is staggering, unbelievable, because we don’t want to believe that this much abuse goes on and we all have the attitude that ‘it won’t happen in my family.’

So who are all these statistics and families? They are all people who thought it wasn’t happening in their family, until they found out it was . . . . so please don’t just read these questions and keep reading, please absorb it, feel it, take it on board and move forwards being far more aware and open minded from having read it . . .

  • How Safe is Are Your Children within Your Family?
  • Are you 1000% sure that no family member is raping them without you knowing and seeing it happen, because it’s done behind closed doors and kept very hush hush.
  • Your child isn’t going to tell you this is going on, so how would you know this is going on?
  • Do they object and not want to go to family functions?
  • Do they act strange when you mention certain family names?
  • Have there been incidents that were really odd and didn’t make sense?
  • When you look back is it possible that your child was being raped?

Now I know that these questions are not pleasant to ask and this topic is not a pleasant topic to discuss, but would you rather ignore it and find out in 5 or 10 years time that your child was being raped and if you had been more aware you could have stopped it?? 

You can't turn back the clock and undo the damage, the scarring, the nightmares, pain and suffering that your child has been through, so ask the questions honestly and look with open eyes to see.

If that happens then it doesn’t go away, you are scarred for life, knowing that this behaviour was being done to your child and you didn’t know. That they suffered in silence and battled through it. That you may have told them off for acting badly when they were hurting inside and needing love, hugs and help.

This information is not just for parents, but for grandparents, teachers, child minders, brothers, sisters and everyone. Is someone you love being raped and too scared to share this information with anyone?

Needless to say the trauma and memories don’t just go away for these children either. They are scarred for life.

Not knowing and not being aware is the reason why this type of family rape and abuse has been going on behind closed doors for years upon years, having families ‘sweep it under the carpet’ and not wanting it be known for fear of shame and humiliation.

Isn’t it time we choose to:


We have the power to create a better world, share awareness and say no to all abuse.

Are you willing to be a part of this?

If you have suffered from this type of abuse then there is some very helpful information on this website link:

Images designed by @inthenow

Post written by @michellecarter

Please SHARE this information as widely as possible.

Together we can make a difference to each child - One Life At A Time. 

Thank you for reading.

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Interesting topic, my opinion, 'Like father like son' or 'monkey say monkey do' those are very common word we listen ... that's mean we fellow family pr other people when we live with them even that is good or bad. For some people the worst behaviour comes from within the family. ....... why this happen?

  1. we follow.
    2 reason we have gin in side our cell (science fact), even we don't want it's just happen.
    My suggestion where ever we keep our child, family or outside where ever child live... just we need to make them understand what is positive and Negative, good or bad? then a child will be Safe within and without Your Family. any way

Thanks for your comments.

I'm not sure rape is seen to be copied, but it's possible that victims can then become perpetrators.

I feel that lack of awareness is a big issue here as most people are unaware that child rape within families is such an issue and probably don't consider that this type of education is needed in such young children. Also victims are told such lies by the perpetrators and are in such fear to share what is going on, so them knowing good and bad doesn't really solve the problem if they are too afraid to share.

The more awareness is spread, the harder it will be for this type of behaviour to continue.

Thanks again for your comments and support. (sorry meant to post as @olaat & forgot to change log in!)

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