And you? Believe that a father's love is important

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This topic for me is and always will be relevant, most of the time it has been heard that a mother's love is so great that it can even include that of the father. I really do not know because I still do not have children, but ...

I will take the time and space to speak to you from the place of DAUGHTER.
I am the oldest of my brothers, only my sister and I are daughters of the same father.


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I have lived a truly happy life, of that there is no doubt. But I always miss something or someone and that was him, my father! For the little I remember, my father was always with me, we went out, he pampered me, I defended myself, he was my hero. He never lived with me, with the excuse that he had a farm and had to take care of it. Everything was wonderful until I turned eight (8) years old, that moment is when my sister was born, approximately for this January date.

Those days were terrible, I remember it clearly; my mother cried, she was left alone with two little girls, she was not even aware of what was happening. Since that January 2003, there were very few times that I visited, I did not share a day, an afternoon, a night with him.

When I grew up, I understood and I do not know if I was full of rancor, but so many things made me wake up from my frustrated dream that I would return:

  • I dedicate until this day, fifteen (15) years to care for and support another family, other children who were not of his blood.
  • For me and my sister, when we saw each other on the street, many of them were and still are the moments when she ignores us.
  • Jealousy, to see if there are good parents, that despite all the love and care of their children.


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But there was something stronger than that, it was the tears and the long wait of my sister, now she is 15 years old, I always take care of her while my mother worked, she was like my daughter (I dressed her, she combed my hair), she took her to the school, I played with her and of course we also fight haha)

In the end I always felt guilty, because my father had shared some years with me, what nobody knew was that I also lived just like her and that I was double because both hurt me.

She, my sister, has been waiting for 15 years and IF she knows it, but she does not live the moments, the stages. Every birthday, every fall, every note received, its good and bad days, its development, never to be. I only know that, as long as I can remember, he lives to promise things that he will never be able to fulfill, since he is not brave enough and there is something he does not understand or will never understand:


He helped my mom financially, just because there were lawyers involved. Today, a year ago, I do not see it and I confess that although I feel a lot of anger and disappointment, I hope that one day I can become aware of their actions and change, because we will always be waiting for the day my father decides to love.

With this, I do not question the love of a mother. My mother is unique and has fought for me all this time, but ... SIIII!
It is very important the love of a father figure, we must understand that children are not guilty of the acts committed by our parents.

I hope you like this little experience of my life, did you tell me what you think?


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