Tornado Clean Up Crew

in family •  3 months ago

It's been two weeks now since my hometown was walloped by a 150 mph tornado. We're still cleaning up. Here is my family cleaning up one the yard of one of our elderly residents.

Things are progressing slowly, but they are progressing. It will probably be a year before things are completely back to normal, but most services have been restored.


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Where the heck was that at? Glad to see you all are ok!


Marshalltown, IA. Our home was spared thankfully.

Thumbs up for the TMNT t-shirt, shame the killed the show to start one that looks awful but will give it a fair chance.

Hope you didn't lose much.


Our home was okay - just a lot of friends and family displaced.

Sorry to hear about tornado on your town. :( I hope everything will come back to normal soon.

Wow that is devastating, glad all good with your family!

Sorry to know about what happened to your town , but i am also glad to see you are all okay .
praying for a fast recovery of the town and that you'll have enough supply of the neccessities
Stay strong ❤️🙏