A Morning At The Apple Orchard

in #family6 years ago

One of my family's yearly traditions is to spend a morning at the local orchard and pick some apples. This year we focused on Jon-A-Gold (Jonathan and Golden Delicious hybrid) apples which we will use for snacking and making Apple Pie, Crisp and Sauce.

We also picked up some freshly pressed apple cider and locally harvested honey. I'll leave you with a pic of the apple harvesting crew in action.


I clicked on this post because - it is becoming a tradition for my family as well. Unfortunately we did not go this weekend because of the weather. THanks for sharing.

nice picture, your picture reminds me my childhood when a state of India where apple is grown and my house was next to apple orchard , thanks for this image, i also have posted images kindly see sometimes.

Girl, that's a beautiful tradition,and apples looks amazing

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