Celebrating the Festival of Ganesh Chathurthi at our Home

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It's again that time of the year when we celebrate our very special festival of Ganesh Chathurthi with high spirits. This festival is celebrared not only in India but also in many other parts of the world.

In India this is one of the most celebrated festival and it is also factored that this festival generates maximum revenue in various business related to festivals compared to any other, which I feel is not very good. I believe that it should be celebrated with simplicity and not with too much show and noise.

In Mumbai almost in every lane there will be a Ganesha idol kept for a certain number of days, the shed that they make to keep the idols are grandly decorated and then there's loud music which keeps playing throughout the day. I am not in favor of such celebrations.

Lord Ganesha is a very famous deity globally who is known as a Obstacle remover and also the Lord of New beginnings. The celebration goes on for a maximum of 11 days and many families also bring Ganesha home and keep him for few days and then immerse the idol into any water body. All over the streets in India you would find Pandals (temporary sheds) where they would bring in the idol of Ganesha and then depending on the convenience will keep for 3,5,7,9 or maximum 11 days and then do the immersion.

The story of Lord Ganesha birth is very fascinating and almost unbelievable, however it holds a far deeper meaning and symbolism.

There is a lot of arrangements that needs to be done for the ceremony and also some sweets to be made for offerings, which later is distributed.

As we celebrate the festival with my family

As I start setting up the table. I made all the decoration by myself, I thoroughly enjoy doing it specially for this festival.

We do a small ritual with the presence of all our family and friends. On these days we have visitors just pouring in throughout the day to seek blessings of Ganesha.



At the end of 2 days after all the rituals, we then do the immersion.

We had a truly wonderful 2 days with the blessings of Lord Ganesha and did not feel like ending it, but as all good things come to end so does this.

Ganesha is also known as the Lord of intelligence and awareness, which is why he's called the vighna-harta, the remover of obstacles. When we are able to reach the state of awareness and center ourselves obstacles leave our path.

Every part of Lord Ganesha has a significance and a teaching for us getting us aligned with the larger universal self:
The Big head stands for Intelligence, Power, and Wisdom
Small Eyes represents Concentration
The large Ears would ask us to listen more and carefully
Small Mouth means to talk less
The Conch in his left hand represents spirituality and to pull you nearer to your higher self.
The Lotus in his other left hand is a symbol for ascension of our spirit to greater heights.
The sweet in his hand represents the rewards of all the hard work that we get. The sweetest of all.
The Axe in the right hand of the Ganesh represents to cut off the bonds of unnecessary attachments.
The right upraised hand signifies blessings and the protection that one gets from the divine.
The Trident in his right hand represents the 3 powers of Love, wisdom and action.
The broken tusk tells us to retain good and throw away the bad.
The Trunk means high efficiency, adaptability.
The Big belly of the lord signifies all the known and the unknown of the universe that exist within oneself and also indicates the good and bad which is a part of life and we need to digest everything peacefully.
The mouse at his feet side represents both desire and ability to reach into every nook and corner of the monkey mind. Also it means that you should be in control of your desire, and desire should not control you.
The bowl of fruits represents that what you need is at your feel you just need to ask for it.

I always look forward to bring Lord Ganesha home every year and celebrate this festival. For me it's a time of high energies, joy, togetherness, learning, service and bonding. We will celebrate it for a period of 2 days and then do the immersion. From last couple of years we have been going in for an environmental friendly idol made of paper mache which are eco-friendly and avoids pollution.

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so nice dress, dear! you look great and very young!
so sweet and warm family, you all have so positive energy, it's pleasure to look at your beloved people.
it was very interesting for me to know about this day - thanks for the story!
I was always interested in Indian gods, their statues look very mysterious.
you all have these red dot on your foreheads. what does it mean? I saw them in Bollywood movies, women had them, and I though it mean they are married. right? And men can have them too?

Thank you my dear for the beautiful compliment.
Yes this was absolutely fabulous, the energy was so high that everyone could feel it and they would say that there is so much positive vibe around. I was feeling good.
The red dot we do it on festivals and occasions, it is considered to be auspicious in the Indian culture.
Yes in many Indian religions a married women normally has it, they consider it the sign of marriage relation.
Men can also have but normally they would do it only during the festival time.
Truly Indian mythology gets very interesting at times, there are so many gods and so many stories. Sometimes it is confusing also, specially for the children.

Ganptti Bappa Morya....🙏

Jai Ganesha 🙏


This was really interesting to read about the festival and what all the symbolism means. So cool you made all those lovely decorations yourself!

A very interesting post!

Thank you for the compliments @goldenoakfarm

this is beautiful. my cousin was just telling me about a new compost collection program happening city-wide in chennai and the compost is sent to farms in the outlying villages to stimulate organic production, and that even one step further regarding the plastics ban is being taken. india is so far ahead regarding plastic than here in europe where i live. did you see this https://www.ishaoutreach.org/en/cauvery-calling my cousin and i will donate 10 trees--not much but at the same time a lot