Amazing neighborhood - the nestlings in our old birdhouse

in #family3 years ago

Hello everyone! I already wrote, that last summer my family lived in our country house. Around June, I noticed, that unusually large number of birds sits on the apple tree and in the garden constantly heard their singing and chirping. I started watching the birds. Gradually I realized, that they settled in a small birdhouse, which was made by my grandfather. My mother told me, that when I was little - birds nuthatches lived in this birdhouse. They were so tame, that I fed them seeds from my palms. And this year birds settled in the birdhouse again. One day my daughter and I were walking and suddenly I heard a squeak. Miroslava ran ahead of me and I saw, that she's going to pick up something in her arms. I was scared, because I thought it was a rat or a mouse. When I came closer, I saw, that it was a nestling, that fell out of the birdhouse. He was such a small, defenseless and very loudly and sound pissy beeping.


I needed to get him back to the birdhouse right away. I asked a neighbor to help me, because the birdhouse nailed high on the house. He brought a ladder and gloves. It turns out, that a person should not take the nestling with his bare hands, because the birds will feel the human smell and throw the nestling out of the nest, will not feed him anymore. A neighbor put on gloves, climbed the ladder and carefully put the nestling back in the birdhouse. It turned out, that there sit 7 nestlings!!! The neighbor was putting up a ladder just in case. After that, I began to watch closely and soon saw, how the tits fly into the birdhouse with a caterpillar or worm in their beak. From a birdhouse was often heard loud squeaking. I was constantly checking to see, if the nestling had fallen out again, I felt as if I had not two children, but three times more))) When the nestlings wanted to eat, they crowded round the entrance to the birdhouse and once again pushed one of them away. I wore gloves and went to bring the nestling home. After that, I asked my husband to pull the netting under the birdhouse, because I was afraid, that the nestlings would fall to the ground and break. That's how I looked after the nestlings all summer. In August they were gone. I didn't even notice, when the nestlings learned to fly and left their house. For memory I have left picture. It was the first time I saw a nestling so close. Miroslava still remembers, shows on the birdhouse and said "bird". I hope, next year in our birdhouse will be new residents!


Thanks for reading!