Today I told my wife that I do not love her.

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Can you imagine how that made her feel?

It was not something I did to hurt her, no, in-fact it was something I felt that I had to tell her. I owed that to her in the very least. But why would I do such a thing? How could I try to hurt her in such a way?

Is it because she bore my children? Because she put her life on hold to raise them while I worked? perhaps it is because that she has supported and been the rock that our family is built on? was it my own resentment of her? No, it is none of these reasons.

Here she is, strong and powerful.

She is the strongest woman I have ever met. She is kind and fair. She treats others with respect and dignity. Her's is not a conditional love, it is pure, untainted, beautiful to all it touches. She has held the hands of strangers as they passed on from this world. She has cleaned their soiled bodies, held their relatives as they saw their loved ones in deaths grasp. The opera of death rattles has etched itself on her soul. She did all of this as a person who genuinely cares for others, I have learned true compassion from her and her actions.

This beautiful soul encapsulated in the body of an angel. We rarely part ways, we are so intertwined as souls that being apart is like the worst pain I have ever felt. But how could I tell her I do not love her?

I do not love her, I am IN LOVE WITH HER.

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