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RE: Why I Disappear from Steemit on Sundays

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A great idea, we limit screens and have family time every evening and for all meals - screens not permitted at all. Also the kids aren't allowed to charge their phones in their room so they cannot wake up and log on - they have to get up and head to the living room first.
Families def need to find a balance and it isn't always easy!


Thanks so much @mirriek, those are great suggestions as well! Great idea not to let the kids keep their phones in their rooms! @suitcasemama and I's little one is only two years old, so we try hard not to be on our devices in front of him and until he goes to nap or to sleep for the night, although we're not quite perfect at it!

I see you're in France, we have cousins in eastern France, near the Jura. We were just there last year and love that area! And congrats on the World Cup victory!

I don't know around Jura, it is supposed to be incredibly beautiful.
They went absolutely nuts around here when they won - there was some serious partying and there were honking their horns until well into the early hours. I have to confess we stayed in for it, we were out late the night before for Bastille day - fireworks and live music.