Happy Labor Day (Personal story)

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Tomorrow is a day for all workers to feel appreciated. The day off from work will is much needed even though I have the weekend off.

To take advantage of the day off I am taking my family to the museum of science. I hope to bring out the science and math out of my girls. This day in age it is crucial for everyone to have a decent understanding of the topics. It certainly will beat iPad and television.

My wife and I have our college studies related to math and engineering so we both believe deeply the benefits people will have for understanding the science.

Although my girls play with dolls and dresses I see them ask a lot of why and what questions. Having curiosity helps them stay motivated to learning more.

We as parents have our responsibilty to keep our kids focus. It certainly can be difficult to balance life and work but we can not forget the real reason we work. It is to provide for our family. A part of that is to spend time with our kids to nurture their strengths. As a parent the one most utmost important thing to do when with my kids is to give them my full attention. All they really want is for us to listen to them and interact with them. It can get tiresome, fusrtating, and maybe even innoying. But at the end of the day the time spend is priceless.

Appreciate the time we have with our family and friends. Do not forget we work mainly to support ourselves and the people we care for. Have and safe and happy Labor Day.

Thanks for reading.

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Date of post: 9/2/2018

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