Not a fancy Dad anymore. Just for today I am a Perfect Dad/Tomorrow Fancy Dad

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This morning I got up before my awesome daughter and used my usual chant to greet her when she woke.

Da, da, da da. Da da da, da, da da dada.

Dad she said rubbing her pretty blue eyes. I am not feeling like that yet

Every morning I check her out with the Dad's fine toothed comb and every morning there is a battle to be fought. This morning the new hairdo courtesy of the head crushing the pillow all night long is futuristic. The otherwise long hair looks like rats have been playing in it and might actually be a new creation in the knot boatswain department on board a ship. lol


Where children are concerned the hairdo is a never ending battle like, dishes, trash, mopping the floor. You get the idea. The difference is that the dishes, trash and mopping the floor doesn't have this incredibly cute face telling you in the very pronounced lisp children of that age have.

"be careful cause the hair is attached to my head you know."

Of course the litany is the same every morning as I repeat.

I am being careful Honer we just want you to look your best sweet pea!

Yesterday I was told that I was a fancy Dad, but that it wouldn't be forever and of course this made me curious to find out what kind of Dad I Am today. By this time you get that my daughter is a bit of a con artist in that she has learned from her "Dad" of course how to schmooze (According to her Mom anyway). The battle of the hairdo is a really good time for distractions and I asked my daughter:

"So Honor you said that I wouldn't be a fancy Dad today. I am wondering what kind of Dad I am today?"

She scrunches up her face thinking for a few seconds and than pronounces:

"Today your the Perfect Dad, but tomorrow you go back to just being a Fancy Dad"


There have been times when I have been called a bad Daddy so I am liking this situation (makes me feel like a king with gold and crown) and to tell you the truth it is one of those times when being told my daughters schmoozing abilities come from me is just a confirmation that I deserve being "Fancy Dad" and "Perfect Dad", but I think I'll keep that to myself. I can hear my wife now.

"Don't pop dear that would be way too messy"

Do you alternate between being a Fancy Dad and a Perfect Dad? #challenge30days


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Thanks! Thanks! and Thanks again!

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