Mother's Day 2018 ~ I'm Blessed Beyond Belief

in family •  7 months ago

Every Year It's the Same Awesomness

My boys are so excited to show me what they made me that they try all weekend to give me their presents, and I have to say over and over, no boys, wait until Sunday, then it's special.

They tried to sneak in my room Sunday morning at the crack of dawn bearing gifts beside my bed, and as I opened one eye Brendan wakes up, and gets them out of there to "let Mommy sleep in". It's just so cute, my heart just bursts with love. To have such thoughtful, sweet boys is all I could ever ask for...


By Kiedis

It's always so lovely to sleep in, and boy did I ever. When I woke up there was coffee and flowers from Brendan, and...BACON!!! HAHAA I get really excited about that. Waffles...fruit galore...those yummy rectangular hashbrowns...he did all of the cleaning and even wrote me a sweet message in his card...a perfect morning. As usual though, there's no photos, because when I get around food my camera is the last thing on my mind.




Flowers from Kiedis too!


What an amazing job he did making flowers out of clay hey?!

A self portrait by Stryder!


Done in pastel with little paint hand prints. Writing says: "I love you Mom so mach" Aww...

Now for some humour...


And a really special card from Stryder


What about @EddieBowes?

He's a bit too old to be making me stuff at school, and a bit too young to be shopping for me, yet just the perfect age to help out around here. He did so much yesterday. All of the chicken chores, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and the boot room. I practically got the whole day off! Thanks Eddie <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Love you so much my son.

Later On in the Day

I took Stryder down to the church so he could ride his bike on their new parking lot. It sure beats the hell out of our gravel roads, and he felt like he could go so fast there.


Our little walk there.



Little Brendan in that photo, you guys probably don't know but @hendrix22 had the whitest blonde hair when he was a cute!


Okay so we're going to do the gravel road thing first.


The Church


The perfect place to go gliding around.



And of course I found some more flowers!


Aren't those yellow and white daffodils just the cutest ever?



These are everywhere now: Wild Strawberries



And I'll Just Slip This In

Someone else is going to be a Mother very soon...yes that's right, a friend gave us a cat to catch mice for us and it turns out now instead of mice running around it's going to be kittens. Typical Brendan and Lyndsay shit right here folks. If there's a way to screw something up, we will.


Edgar is Unimpressed (I feel you Sis)


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You havea the good sons Lyndsay.
I cannot celebrate the Mother’s day as my Mother wasa treated very bad whena she comea to this country.......

She wasa treated asa the sex slave by the other animals ona the farm we live as the Don wasa too young to a stop it....

If anyone know wherea this puppy is a now.......

You letta me know, I’m gonna tear hima the new one!!

Don Poltryoni - Awaiting Brutal Revenge.


Omg noooooo!! The depravity! The madness!! HAHAHAA!! Jesus....poor Mama it right in the pooper... :'( :'( Bad doggy!!


Bad doggy indeed!

It bugs my mom when I scream xD hahaha you have a nice kid!

Hey @lyndsaybowes what a beautiful day! It made my heart sing just reading and looking at your pictures .. aren't children just amazing, so much love to give and that in itself is a profoundly beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing your day with us!


Their excitement, love and enthusiasm for the day definitely was the greatest gift, thank you so much for reading and checking out the day @perceptualflaws <3 <3 <3


All in all it looks like such a super day. That boy on that bike. um I think that is me, or the brother I never had. If that is not the strangest feeling. I have never seen such a family resemblance as that. Are you sure you are the Mommy. Even my kids did not look quite like me, like Stryder does. Totally love Kiedis letter, too funny. 75 pounds eh. wow!!! walking is good for you. Good job Eddie with the chores. xxxxx


Yeah we got to get the pics together in one shot, little you, Brendan and Stryder hahaha!! The whiteys!

Hello, "Happy Mother's Day". What a beautiful gift! that the most sincere and beautiful gift of love that you could have received in your day. Good photos you captured!


Thanks very much for writing @osc10 <3 <3 <3

Happy mother day for you @lyndsaybowes❤ and for all of mothers around the world!
I love my mother too, everything that she ask me I always doing it with happily😊
@lyndaybowes, you are a lucky mother because has the children that loving you much, they give you some cute art with love messages, and the list question like the examination at school too, I love that answers that fill in it😃, owh... that amazing, I know you give love and affection for them much! You are one of a great mother🤗 hope one day I'll be a mother and will loving my children much too!
Send my love for your childrens, they doing a great things for their mother😍😍😍


Thank you for being so happy for me @neilur! I know you will be a fabulous Mother, I see how wonderful you are with children xo


It is my pleasure @lyndsaybowes🤗
Yeah! Big hope I will be like that in the future❤ being a mother is a beautiful dream for every women, hope I can be lucky as you too when I become a mother one day😃😃😃😃

Awh, kids are so precious and husband's can be so smart sometimes! Ha ha ha! So glad to hear you had such a lovely Mother's Day. Sleeping in is awesome! When the weekend rolls around Matt always makes sure I get a morning nap. With the work starting out at the homestead property I will probably get a few less on the weekends. Sad day.

The acreage we rented a few years back had two mousers. Our landlords kept postponing having them neutered, simply because they had a busy schedule. Both cats ended up having litters, and one had two litters! They were pretty slutty cats, they'd even present themselves to us when we were gardening. LOL! -Aimee


Omg HAHAHAA!!! Queens are so crazy, yes....hahaha! So I'm assuming that there was a serious lack of mice after those litters grew up?


Ha ha! They actually gave away the kittens. They had to be extra careful though because they discovered some people were trying to acquire them to feed their snakes! 😲 But those two cats alone were amazing mousers and we never had a problem. -Aimee

Awww! Love your Mother's Day! You were totally spoiled! And you even got in a nice walk! Poor Edgar. First a guy's name and now she is going to be a mommy! Is this her first litter?


It's her second litter, that's one of the reasons our friend wanted to give us Edgar, she doesn't like her kitten (the one her old owner kept) and after the kitten made her home there, Edgar basically decided to live outside lol... I'm already shaking down all the kids' friends, hey....want a kitten?


I have four already, thanks! lol

Awe ❤🌹❤ What sweet Mother's Day treats!! Love that you shared with us these lovely works. You're such a motherly force! So grateful for you and all you care for!! Oh my babies on the way! Goodness! Take care soon to be momma Edgar kitty 🖤🐱🖤 the boys will love that!


The boys are soooooo excited, including Brendan haha, he wants an eggpron made for him, but with bigger pockets so he can carry around the kittens lolol!!!


Hahaha! That's awesome 🤣🐈 little me'ews everywhere!!

Its the most beautiful day anyone can have although my mother is not with me right now but I am planing to do something special for her. Just thinking what a best thing I can do for her 🤔


Anything to let her know that you thought about her, she'll be very happy.


Yeah she is very sweet and kind. Thank you for the advice..

You're a very lucky woman, so much love in the pictures and such wonderful kids. Cant wait to have my own kids


From what I know of you through our interactions here so far, I think you'd make a wonderful father <3 You're a very gentle and caring Soul.


This is so touching, thanks alot

Good photos, good article :)) I, too, are the mother of two sons. Everything you write is very clear to me. I am in solidarity with you - you must love your children. Children are our joy and hope!


I couldn't imagine life without our children, and I don't want to imagine... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 They are the best and brightest part of my life so far...

How sweet that your kiddos are so excited to give your their lovingly made gifts!! That melts my heart❤️ My kids did that same questionnaire at preschool and I think it's so cute to see what they answer on it!


Yeah, I love being 75 lbs hahaha!! Never felt better :) :) :)

You're a very lucky women, I just hope that one day my son will do the same for me. ☺️


I'm sure he will!! <3 <3 <3


I just have to wait till he can speak.

I miss my children when they were young and drawing me pictures! Love Edgar! What a sweetie!


Yes, I have to soak in as much as possible, like all of my friends tell me: They grow up too fast!!

Actually, we should love our mother, because a mother is a person who is really needed for every man. I think who hurt his mother he is not a human. I love my mother very much @lyndsaybowes


That's great, I'm happy you are so loving towards your Mother.

Happy Mother's Day ma, you are so cool.


Thank you so much, love you my Brother <3 <3

Happy Mother's Day! To you AND Edgar! Aww. You will never have mice again. And if you don't get them fixed after, you'll have as many cats as chickens. 😂


I'm already on finding homes for the kittens lololol! And Edgar's going for her surgery right after this...I've never had a pregnant cat before, this is so embarrassing lololol!! When she was given to us, I believe we had a very hilarious conversation about how I thought she was in heat...then she disappeared for 4 days...4 days that little tramp travelled to find a tomcat... (there's like no cats in our neighbourhood because...coyotes) What a gal...


LMAO. She was a woman on a mission!!

So totally in love with Kiedis' I like sleeping with my mom cos it is warm. And yes mothers are 'all warm, fuzzy, cozy and cuddly. It's so cute how they pampered you and made your day so beautiful. Happy Mother's Day to you sweetheart, you deserve the best.


I'm glad you had a special day with your children as well <3 Sending you buckets and buckets of love, always Edith.

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Thank you for the flowers @sizuka.

It sounds like you had a fabulous day.


It sure was, thanks so much for reading @johannegauthier.

i think this day reminds our mother more and encourages them to do something for them.mind blowing photography.

What a beautiful mother's day you had. All those special things made just for you from the boys. It tends to make the day even more special when it is something made or done for you so it gives you a break. My daughter made me a card too. She spent so much time on it. Life is a blessed thing. <3

Dedicate time for these important people in our lives. Congratulations for this joy. Friend, I invite you to check my last post

Sounds like you enjoyed a very blessed Mothers Day! That is something to treasure. :) Please keep us posted on Edgar's kittens when they arrive... kittens are a joy! We have two litters of kittens going on right now. Totally a blast! <3

Great season and great child: the best of what a mum can desire!!!


You are absolutely correct @monica90!