Nothing will appear and used euphemisms this and substitutes

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othing will appear and used euphemisms this and substitutes for example well and so on And here's the household curse they are talking between the case for example. Yeah, who does not marry you to someone who needs such a mess here. Or, for example, well, you'll end up in prison for your days, that is for you For a long time prison is crying, and still cry when you have your children will then you are shedding tears as I am now these household cursed terrible because it is usually the so-called parental curses and it is extremely difficult to remove them because they literally ka orders accepted by our subconscious and affect behavior later scary that is, they literally just outside our desire that is can lead to tragic consequences Well, or as a woman tells the boy you're a drunkard How's your dad And so on. As your mother that is it all has a place to be and can a strong goat distort the fate Therefore, with the generic curse it is necessary to work it must be remembered that psychology now has an arsenal of methods once and because we cope with it Well, I hope that you will not use bad ones words That is their curse in relation to close people better Tell them about how you get the