My grandparents

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My grandparents are 83 years old and I am very happy that they are still healthy. My grandfather loves grandmother very much and they are very romantic. haha
Dear grandma, do you know what day it is today?"
Grandma: "Well, the Love Day or something like that, right dear?"
Gradnpa: "We've been together for 62 years, but I've never given her Love Day's present. I don't remember the day."
Grandma: "It's nothing. He never remembers, he never remembers me. But I'm not mad at all



god always bless your grandparents,,,nice to see,,@khanhchiii

Thank you so much :))

Ông bà đẹp lão quá :"> Trông ông bà thực sự giống nhau

Cảm ơn chị ạ. hehe. Ông bà em vui mà lãng mạn lắm. Sau này em chỉ mong được giống vậy thôi haha