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Instagame selfie-gang outreach. Ain't about grams, we blockchain blogging!

What up!! 😄

Ok cool, so a few days has passed and our first WLS rewards rolled in. Even in the bottom of the dip it's a $100 post. Nice. Sincere thanks to all who helped, supported and welcomed us back to the blockchain. Definitely it's a relief to be above a dollar ugh, back to blogging is always steep, red candles all round don't help. The one beaming light right now is @Whaleshares! 🙌🏽

I mean got damn, I know, I knooow we all say it's not about the money. I know everyone has a purpose, a mission, a message and we all know our content is fucking valuable! It's amazing, it's awesome, you all are powerful simply for being here and now on the forward leading edge. Be the example of the change you want to see.. you're legendary. And yes we can all admit we'd still be posting for free anyway had we not learned any better. Sharing + rewards = attention economy.

Lil Man fav color right now is “Boo” 💙

Ok sip.. pause. Choke LOL! So let's keep things ALL the way real, it's been tough out here. I'm ready for this bear year to be done already. At least last years pump and dump was exciting. Bitcoin in the VIP, gifting $20k lap dances and public got a wallet.. then boom! Futures arrive, demanded comps and bottles. Bulls run away, bears hibernate hard and any everyday folk that didn't lambo fell right back into fiat.

We spent the longest year praying on hard fork solutions. Everyone we talked up this whole time swang by, "How's that Bitchcoin doing?" 🙄 Mann. Heads up, we steady #HODL gang, brush off the dust votes and silently stacked. We studied more, we learned the tech and even played the cards @steemmonsters. We revisited the Satoshi manifesto and down on one knee we bowed and renewed our oaths..

In Blockchain we Trust.

Mom's at doula school all week and separation is hard. Doing my best to keep it fun! 👍

Anyway I'm on the clock right now. This my Dad hour..

I'm doing my best to be consistent as well as short and easy to digest. As I shared in another post my strategy is to make the most of multi-tasking through the day collecting my content so that this bit at the end of the day supposed to be super easy LOL. Sure I mean we all got things to do right, I know we all do, I know it's not supposed to be "work".

Above all that, I wanna be an example for my peeps.

You know the ones, you may be ONE even reading this right now LOL! You know, I know haha.. who's spending at least an hour on other social media sites right now. Not getting paid. Not meeting other cool ass anarchists, libertarians and freedom fighters here. Not stacking just for crypto but for life LOL! Ok I'm just playin' and still sayin' if you got time for fakebook and instagame, you got time for blockchain. This post took me about 90mins to write, while listening to Dave Chappelle's Netflix special.

Momma's home.. tearful yet super sweet reuniting moments are so special! 😍

Now that I've done the writing part, I'm gonna throw the pics in from today: #freethenipple #normalizebreastfeeding and then gonna get right back to spending time with the fam. Oh and once they pass out, it's RDR2 yeeehaw outlaws for life LOL! 🎮

I'm sure I'll mix in some more interesting posts soon. We're working on rebranding the mastermind as well as a long postponed blockchain magazine project. More on those to come, for now this just me, my thoughts and my family. Doing our best to share the journey as it is from the ground. Looking to meet more of you in the comments. Feel welcome to drop any "introduceyourself" posts links. May as well help each other out, like a community notice board! Share your links and I'll for sure make time to read and say hello! 👋🏽

See ya in the next post.. or comments below!

Keni 👊

SMG is a mutual support and co-curation group. Join our discord here.

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Hi kenistyles ! You just received an upvote from @share2steem !

To our deep regret, it looks like you signed up on Share2Steem but never posted through the app.
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We want to add more value to you thanks to our constantly growing users base (1033 currently).
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This message was generated automatically.

Hi #share2steem team,

Thanks for the outreach and updates. It’s nice that you’re getting around on a individual level. I appreciate that.

So I did have a few issues using your dapp in the beginning. Mainly that it worked once for my test tweet and then did not work for any of my automated tweets. Which was the main reason for my interest in your service.

Going forwards I’ll give it another try, though I‘m still tweeting and not sure really what more I have to do since it is still linked to my twitter account. Or does the #share2steem hashtag need to be used each tweet? I didn’t bother with instagram yet, one step at a time right?

A few other minor details that I felt weren’t clear in the beginning were the key level required for use through steem connect. That there would be deductions from #share2steem post rewards and what that is about.

I would love to see this tool succeed and I feel it has massive scope for the future mass transition to blockchain. I will read on delegation and your curation trail programs once I see it working and can figure out how to explain it to others.

More features I would like to see added would be more customization options for the format and final edit of the steemside post.

Thanks again, will test now.

I will add to the @share2steem answer that customization options are also now available so you can choose how your post will appear on Steem. I would suggest you go on the website and click on the Social Networks tab.

You should see the account you linked.
Click on the name of the account and look around on the page :
You should see instructions on how to customize your title and the body of your post (Steem-side), and at the end (for Twitter accounts) you will see an option to cross-post everything (except retweets and replies) without the need to add the hashtag #share2steem in your tweet.

Thanks a lot for your interest. We try to constantly improve and your feedback is greatly appreciated !

Amazing info thank you! Definitely gonna look into this further. It’s @iamjamie’s bday weekend so only sneaking on now to do replies.

Catch up on Monday and will give it a test run and tweet! 👍


Indeed, when you registered the #share2steem hashtag was mandatory. But now you can activate a systematic cross-post for Twitter. Excepted today, an update caused a bug, we are working on it.

We'll be happy to see you again !

Thank you too, speak soon.

Hahhahaha Keni your thoughts are flying from left to right in here man. From WS to nipples to Dave Chapelle...should I expect crack to be the foundation of this :D

Haha yes and it's fun though I'm planning to diversify my content creation efforts and allow the dapps to present my scattered love packets with easier to digest (and create) posts! More play time, no less rewards! 🤖

More time for replies and engagement too! Big win for the Keni house lol.. Dad mode don't let up and now there's video games happening too LOL!! Embrace the flow and follow the feelings, the better it gets the better it gets hahaha.. 💗

Oh and the only crack I'm addicted to is.. well you know! 🍑