Meet Jack Banfield!

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Our second child was born on my birthday last Friday and today is our first full day home! As I am typing this he is sleeping on my chest in the infant carrier as seen below!


I am grateful Steem helps me to be home and available for my family instead of away at a job because my wife @laurabanfield is able to get almost eight hours of sleep a day through a lot of short naps several of which are during the day while I watch both of our children just like this!


Nothing brings me more joy than being a parent which is why I schedule all of my work around my family time instead of the other way around. We appreciate you being a part of our story and we hope to help you enjoy the same opportunity each day!


Jerry Banfield

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A good father!
Хороший отец!

jack will be the next steemian of the banfield hegemony

That's a great experience! I always thought I'm gonna raise 3 kids... but now after 11 months having my son... :)))
I don't wanna think about it now! :D

god bless them, and their parents

Hi jerrybanfield,
First of all congratulations to you and your family.
I also want to thank you for putting so much Steemit information to the public.
I have learnt much thanks to you and I wanted to thank you for all of your advice that you have given to us Dtube and Steemit.
Thank you Jerry

That's so cute Jerry. Congratulation.

Congratulations to you and your wife to be a proud parents of your second child and wishing happy birthday (though it’s late). Being a father, I know nothing can be compared with this joy to be a parent. Wishing all the happiness and good health of your family and newborn baby.

Congratulations, you are really doing a good job.

Super ultra congratulations Jerry. I guess that’s why you haven’t been on the chat at all. I just hope you aren’t breastfeeding in that pic :-X

Congratulations Sir! A future steemian indeed!

Congratulations to you mr @jerrybanfield, wish your son always health, thank you very much

Many Many Congratulations @jerrybanfield for the birth of your cute son Jack Banfield. May God Shower his blessing on him and may hee live long. LOL

You may visit my profile to!!

The family is number one!*****

God Bless you and your lovely family.

A kiss from India. > Love #SoCute. GoodmORNING Sir

Congrats Jerry nothing like the feeling of having a new born.

He is so cute and so, so tiny.
Congratulations to your whole family.
What a sweet angel.

So very awesome Jerry! Congrats! I can't wait to be a dad! :)

Amazing! Great to meet you, Jack. Welcome to Earth! 😀🙌🏻

Hi Jerry, welcome your son to this world. Much health for your new baby.

My wife is in the last days of pregnancy, my first son was born, in three weeks maximum gives birth. We already have 2 females, the oldest of 5 years and the youngest of 2.

We have a similar story, because I like to be with my family and try as much as possible to be attentive to them. I congratulate you for being a good father, that makes you a better human being.

I will try to follow your posts more often and see the things you post, because I always think they are very good.

Once again I send you many blessings for your baby.

A new son a new steemian, my blessings to you and your family.

Congrats! It's nice to have a big family! I have a 2yo baby girl :). Have a great day!


Glad you have success with those baby carriers they just didn't work for me all three of kids didn't like it.(they are a pretty tall though so perhaps that was why.)

Two kids is child's play though compared to three. :)

Hope you get some sleep for yourself.

Omg he is so cute , may he grow up to be healthy and happy . And congratulations it's a happy occasion two birthdays to be celebrated on one . Amazing gift huh .

Sucses for Jack Banfield to like your.. congragulation...

congratulation man god bless your baby i followed you from your youtube channel good work :)

Congrats man, you have a beautiful home. The kid is dope indeed.

Cangrats, all the best for your family 🍀

I just made my biggest desicion of my life. Resign for my corporate job and start working at home with my kids. I hope I still provide there needs.

Wow congratulations @jerrybanfield,
Always home and available and still earning and living is just a very good thing...
Congratulations one more time.

Many Congratulations!
We hope to learn new thing from a new MAN!

So precious, congratulations and many happy joint birthdays parties for both of you!

Congrats! Very happy!

Wow, congratulations @jerrybanfield, just as i predicted for you some months ago, that you gonna have a new born baby, despite not knowing that your was pregnant. My spirit kept telling, which i actually mentioned to on your blog, but no response from you as regard that. Congratulatins once more

Awwww! This little creature is so lovely! <3

Congratulations on your second child, Jerry. I don't know you too well, but is still well worth the congrats.

I pray for you and your wife that he is a healthy boy.

Congratulations. What a blessing!

DUDE!!!! CONGRATU-FREEKIN-LATIONS! God bless your family!

Congrats, you all seem very happy :) Continue to be so :)

Aw! So cute!♥ You're going to be B-U-S-Y! The second comes along and talk about the jealousy~ yikes. It's so great you give you wife a nap. It's hard taking care of everything at once. Wow! What a perfect gift from God on your birthday! You must be really stoked.

Congrats mate

Wow! Congratulations @jerrybanfield at the arrival of your baby.

Congratulations Jerry! Wish you many luck :)

Congratulations @jerrybanfield ! Looks like next year you'll be having a double birthday party :D

Congratulations to you to be a proud parent of your 2nd toddler and wishing happy birthday. Being a father, I recognize not anything can be in comparison with this joy to be a determine. wishing all the happiness and good health of your own family and newborn baby.

Congrats to your new bundle joy @jerrybanfield,enjoy your new baby 👶

Congratulation @jerrybanfield and to your wife,
baby's annoucement always make me happy :) Welcome to the world little Jack!

2Congratulations 😊🎂🎈


Wow. First of all a huge Congratulations for you. May be you and your wife are the luckiest persons ever in this planet with these two angels 💗💗
May Almighty bless all of you.
yeah. This is sound great to have an opportunity to get your child all the time at home.
We are very much owe to this steemit.
Thanks steemit for the global bonding.
I will be happy to have you in my follower list & be happy enough you too do so.
Have a nice happy, chirpy family life with two adorable flowers in your garden 💗💗💗

Congratulations @jerrybanfield :)
Daddy's duty as it seems and an inspiration for all the fathers in the world.

I am really amazed to sir @jerrybanfield because the pleasure you share makes steemian all over the world want to feel beautiful with family like sir, thank you for this togetherness hope you always give long life.

Congratulations Jerry, it is such joy. Thank you for showing the first photos of your son. Hope that the mother is well.

Hey Jack
Welcome to the world of Steem!!! 🤗🤗🤗 weeeh!!!!

Daddy Banfield,, more power to you...
from Tita elvielins- Tita is how we call to our older women in the Philippines..

Congrats to the both of you! I'm happy to meet Jack!

Congratulations, I'm really happy for you!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield to you and your family! It's wonderful that Steemit makes it possible to spend lots of time with your children, and I'm sure @laurabanfield appreciates all those naps! Praying for good things in the days to come!
@bitsy :)

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Nice to meet you Jerry and I wish you all the best for you and your family - especially for your kids.


Congratulations on the new baby!

That's so sweet! I love father & children pictures :)


Congratulations my friend 👍

Congrats 🎉. It is great when you get to be around while they growing up

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