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Our second child was born on my birthday last Friday and today is our first full day home! As I am typing this he is sleeping on my chest in the infant carrier as seen below!


I am grateful Steem helps me to be home and available for my family instead of away at a job because my wife @laurabanfield is able to get almost eight hours of sleep a day through a lot of short naps several of which are during the day while I watch both of our children just like this!


Nothing brings me more joy than being a parent which is why I schedule all of my work around my family time instead of the other way around. We appreciate you being a part of our story and we hope to help you enjoy the same opportunity each day!


Jerry Banfield

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A good father!
Хороший отец!

jack will be the next steemian of the banfield hegemony

That's a great experience! I always thought I'm gonna raise 3 kids... but now after 11 months having my son... :)))
I don't wanna think about it now! :D

god bless them, and their parents

Hi jerrybanfield,
First of all congratulations to you and your family.
I also want to thank you for putting so much Steemit information to the public.
I have learnt much thanks to you and I wanted to thank you for all of your advice that you have given to us Dtube and Steemit.
Thank you Jerry

That's so cute Jerry. Congratulation.

Congratulations to you and your wife to be a proud parents of your second child and wishing happy birthday (though it’s late). Being a father, I know nothing can be compared with this joy to be a parent. Wishing all the happiness and good health of your family and newborn baby.

Congratulations, you are really doing a good job.

Super ultra congratulations Jerry. I guess that’s why you haven’t been on the chat at all. I just hope you aren’t breastfeeding in that pic :-X

Congratulations Sir! A future steemian indeed!

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