Happy Birthday to the queen of my heart

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All hail her majesty, her excellency, the queen of my heart. Today is her marks another additional year in her life and I can't help but thank God for her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Having as a mother has been a great blessing. A true fighter, her character reflective of that of a mother hen towards her cheeks, a role model and my source of strength. She is my motivation and her happiness means the World to me. She has sacrificed so much for me and continues to do so daily even up to this moment.

No one can take her place in my life. Many people say time is the only factor that is constant but I say her place in my life is constant and will never change. I love her so much and words can never describe my admiration for her. She is a proud mother of six and a grandma to five young angels. She is a blessed woman and has managed to raised all her children in the fear of God. She pushed us all to pursue excellence always in everything we do.

Growing up as a kid, I considered myself so unfortunate to have a teacher for a mother. That was a child's thinking but I have grown to cherish and appreciate what I have. She always pushed me to my limits because she saw great potentials I couldn't even see in myself. And you know why? Because she is my mom; she carried me in her womb for nine months and understands me in ways I can't even explain. She is a treasure and every day, I am motivated to keep soaring higher and making her proud. Her smile and happiness means the world to me.

People who are close to me for a fact know that the way to my heart is through this woman. Her opinion means a lot to me. I used to watch movies when I was much younger of sons who married the women their parents recommended and I will be like I can never do that. Yeah, it is wrong to do that but I have come to understand that love for one's parents makes them do so many things just to make them happy. That is something I never understood back as a kid. Now, I know better because the love I feel for my parents is so great that sometimes I feel I can go to high extremes just to put a smile on their faces. Good extremes though hahahaha...

Anyways, happy birthday to the best, most beautiful, elegant, special woman in the Word..

Happy Birthday mama dey mama 😀


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