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RE: My Greatest Regret - I never said goodbye

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I figured you were a good guy from our chats, but never knew you were such an awesome guy, especially at a young age! The sacrifice of yourself to your family, your father, and your mother will not go unrewarded my friend. You said you could never put it right, but it sounds to me that you were putting it right for many, many years. As a loyal son, and a loving son; devoted to his family and mother's well being. No doubt your mother knew and appreciated it immensely, and cherished every minute with you.

Man... what a tough read and a heart breaking story. Your story unexpectedly hit me pretty hard, but in a good, reverent way. Even though I have not been in such a direct situation, I lost my father suddenly at a young age. None of the family was with him in his passing or able to see his body for many days afterwards. I can feel your pain of not getting to say goodbye and of not having the luxury of so many to give parting words and love at such a time. And even now, my father's mother is in her twilight.. on dialysis, blind and wheelchair bound. She lives with my mother in an apartment here on the property where several of us live. We all share the load of her care. So your story of caring for your mother rings again in my heart.

@pennsif, what sacrifice! What love! Try as you can to have no regrets, for you gave yourself repeatedly for many years, and what greater love is there for a son to give his mother.


Hey, thanks @greenacrehome. It really moved me to read your comment. Sorry about your father too. Losing a parent is very difficult, particularly if it happens when at a young age.

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