Family time (Part One)

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The family is the smallest unit of the society. A happy family breeds a happy society and a dysfunctional family breeds a dysfunctional society. It is imperative for parents to understand their children and teach them core values and inculcate sound discipline in them. How can this be achieved? This can only be achieved by sharing family time. There are two types of families; the nuclear family which is made up the father the mother and children and the extended family where the uncles, aunties, cousins, grandparents and nephews and any other form of relatives fall into.


When we talk about family time, it is all encompassing. Family time is a special time mapped out to spend solely with the family members engaging in one activity or the other while having fun. It is difficult to find quality time in this busy day and age but it is not impossible. All it requires is planning.

Life is hard enough and some parents have to work more than two jobs just to earn a means of livelihood and provide the much needed comfort for their children. While it is important to make money, it is worthy of note that children appreciate the quality time you spend with them more than the expensive toys, clothes or new games. Family is forever. It is important that a family is healthy. A family can only be healthy when you devote enough time to it. A family where a child grows up has a big influence on how he or she deals with relationships, copes with situations and learns about life. A family that spends time together creates strong bonds and sticks together through thick and thin. Family is where home is. Spending time with family will make you more aware of your surroundings and not see it as a house with occupants.
Family time is a time when kids feel loved and parents feel connected to their kids on a deeper level. Every parent understands the concept of family time but may not understand how it works. You do not have to rob a bank to spend time with your family, simple activities done together with love can do so much in uniting the family and making the bond stronger



  1. Doing of chores together. It is good for parents to create time to allocate chores to their children and spend time helping them with these chores. This creates time to teach them certain values, keeping them busy and helping you bond with them.

  2. Playing games: this may include playing cards, biking, skipping and even from boxing at home. There is Lots of fun when parents make out time to play with your kids. It is not about the quantity of time but the quality of the time spent.

  3. Exercising: parents can spend time with the kids exercising. It helps the family to stay fit and help the children understand the importance of healthy lifestyle.

  4. Cooking and eating meals together without any form of distractions from games, television and internet and talking about the events of the day.

  5. Praying together: family time can be spent studying the bible and praying together. This helps shape the children's lives and upbringing in a godly way. There is a saying that a family that prays together stays together.

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