Making Homemade Play Dough With Kids!

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Sooooooo! First grab some kids! I don’t have any of my own here so I got some from Hailey my neighbor. She assured me her kids love play dough and were experts at making it. Lets see if that’s true!

They came right over in their chef aprons with recipe in hand…


Finnly 3 years old and Georgiana 5 1/2 years old…

This is the recipe they like to use: (Finnly gets hungry Georgie says)


I grab them some bowls, spoons, and ingredients and they get right to work measuring, mixing, and making the magic happen…

First the flour.


Then the salt.



And of course their favorite coolaid packet! (sugar free) Adds color and sniff-ability!



Now for the oil.



Some hot water to mix it all up right.





Now get in there and kneed that dough mister!




Now repeat for as many colors as you want!


And of course I am sure it goes without saying what comes next. But that’s another story…

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I remember making gak for my kids when they were small. I just googled for it and PBS has the instructions. The result is flubber but the kids called it gak. It was being made at elementary schools too. Hailey's kids would enjoy it.

post the directions here and we will make it...

It is made with Elmer's glue and borax. Here is a link to an article to make it for kids.
My kids loved playing with it.

You're not supposed to use those ingredients anymore because they are dangerous.

If that is what you think then you shouldn't make it. Millions have done so in the past. The borax is a laundry product used to clean baby diapers next to sensitive skin. It is not a food product to be ingested. You can use salt instead of the borax as it is sodium too. From your post sounds like Finnly would eat it when told not to. He wouldn't eat much cause doesn't taste good.
I use borax in my laundry, every load.

research was done this past year to show that the mix caused it to absorb through the skin when played with. when borax is used as a laundry soap it is washed and RINSED out then the clothing is dried before applied to skin. in the slime it remains moist and remains in the slime not rinsed out and absorbable... big difference in how the borax is being used.

I didn't see any mentions of borax through the skin. I remember the DMSO fad for awhile. Was just looking up a better recipe but had better idea. Forget it and give them pinecones to play with. Now where did I see that at?

Hailey was telling me about it. She keeps up with that stuff because the info goes through the school system.

I've always wondered what the danger is with borax in slime's etc.. now that mystery is solved :) you saved me some googling time!

Next you have to train them to make t-shirts. Doc' sweat shop!

on it. screen printing 101 coming this spring!

Thanks for the inspiration! Gonna have fun with my grands this Summer!

its fun stuff... and more to come...

Classic fun time.

There’s one made with dish soap as well that’s like slime. Ran into that visiting Toronto... green.

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cool. thanks for stopping by...

Great job guys. Now I wonder if any of the Kool aid found its way into Docs hair.

Just do not eat that stuff Doc! Hahaha, great post man, some great kids you have there.

thanks. they are my neighbors kids. we are at each others homes all the time.

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Great job kids

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thanks, they had a lot of fun...

You’re fantastically awesome! Lovely kids with you, they’ll surely miss you by the time they return to their respective homes!

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:) they had a lot of fun. we do stuff like this all the time. the other day we got instruments and formed a marching band and walked around the neighborhood playing lol...

That’s a lots of fun, I could Imagine that! Please do that often, it’s a great blessing!

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