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Just as every institution these days is looking for creative individuals.

Adults who can innovate in high-quality and contribute to the progress of science, engineering and the arts.

Creative expressions start from an early age. Children express creativity through “pretend play” – an activity that involves using imagination and make-believe. They make up stories and ideas “from scratch” and use props like blocks or sticks to represent different ideas and objects – for example, a block becomes a telephone or monster. The question is, does playing in such a way help children become more creative?

And importantly, can parents and educators use such play to boost or welcome creativity?

While I proceed further

We need to understand what is tagged CREATIVE PLAY among kids,

This has to do with imagination and “emotional expressions” in pretend play stories.

Emotional expression is a term used to convey, for example, when a child pretends that a puppet is having fun while going down a pretend slide. Or when a child pretends that a doll is scared while running from a monster. Children express a wide range of emotions in that way – happiness, fear, sadness, anger, affection or even frustration.

Research shows that kids at age 6--10 successful carry out such play if closely watch

This takes us finally to

the amount and quality of imagination, story-telling skills and emotion expression that children show in pretend play is associated with creative thinking abilities.

Children who demonstrate better story-telling abilities in pretend play also show better “divergent thinking.” What this means is that when children are asked to think of different uses for many different objects, such as a button,toys or a newspaper, they are able to come up with multiple uses for each. Which makes them better divergent thinkers. Divergent thinking is associated with higher creative thinking abilities.

Not only that, when children show creativity in pretend play, it is highly likely they are creative in other ways as well. Which determines there choice of toys at early age to be carefully selectedphoto-1515488042361-ee00e0ddd4e4.jpeg


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