Grandmother - Grandpa House

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Do not engage in an oral battle with your own parents or with your child. The winner of that war is obvious. If your rules are violated, your child's bed time is long and if you are allowed to eat potato chips at breakfast time, be sure to communicate effectively with both parties.

Remember that the moment you leave the house wrapped around the event, the victim position, we have won, take a look at the bottom of the potato chips to make your way home from celebrating a strong team will be defeated. If it's the best option, first of all, repeat and make sure that your children are always valid between your four walls.

Grandma - Grandfather's house remains a free zone. So you, your children, you do not experience tension with your own parents, nor will you enter the war you can not win.

Moreover, remember that for the first time in their lives, they are trying to do something that is good, remembered and caring for their grandchildren without forgetting that they are grandparents. Then all kinds of acceptance will be easier.

Our elders say at the beginning of every word You will understand when you are at my age, now you do not understand anything. They know, really, they're experienced; They lived all these years for years. You too, listen to your elders. Don't tell yourself to yourself! You have a small version to tell in the future.

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