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Meet the new member of our family!

Hello steemit...

this is our Dog Cotton she's a chihuahua and a gift from our Auntie...

she's been impregnated by our neighbors half Labrador half Aspin
(Aspin is our local breed of dog here in the Philippines)

by accident the dog got into our house and as fast as 3 minutes our baby cotton cries when we see it it's already too late they were already locked together....

now... There she is pregnant...

we really feared her safety giving birth and with all the expenses to our son we really can't afford going to the veterinary. So we wait for this day to come with crossed fingers and prayers that she can deliver her baby safely and normal...

Until this july 5..

that evening when we were all out of our house to visit my boyfriends grand mother... she delivered her baby without us without any help... somewhere I felt horrible for leaving her alone while pregnant and my countings for her delivery dates are all wrong I thought she'd be giving birth on the 13 of July but she already give birth on the 5th... I felt sad...

When we open our home she never welcome us like she always do so we search for her...
and found her and her two puppies on our bed!!

With all the mess and all her water everything on our bed... but seeing her with that helpless face and she looked like she's in really painful situation we just let her be in our bed to finish cleaning her two puppies...

but as we approach her we were suddenly shock as we see one of her little puppies purple ears and paws she doesn't want us to touch her already dead pup she just lick and lick as if she's trying to bring her back to life....

that was so sad.. seeing her so helpless... as a mom I don't ever want to see another mom to be so helpless like that...

After we finish fixing her bed and the place where she can feel safe we put her baby (the live one) there as fast as we could then she see us so he followed her baby and left the dead puppy so we get the dead pup fast and see that she's a girl puppy and burry her the next day...

Now after one week... I finally allowed to touch the puppy so here is our first picture together.. 😊 he's so cute!!... we named him Canon..

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Beautiful Image and nice click dear friend. You are a very good photographer. I'm also a photographer

You have such a lovely pet, I adore dogs too)


i noticed that on your profile picture.. :)
is that a baby pug? 🐶🐶🐶


Yes, it is a pug, she is adult now, her name is Emma))

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So cute ! Babys are the best :)


yes they are..
do you also have some puppies? dogs maybe?


Dod and cat :)