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in family •  2 years ago

Hello Steemit Community!

its already midnight here in the Philippines
but i just want to post 1 more blog before i go to sleep...

I've been thinking... After I looked at some old photos of my father and me..
do we really really resembles each other?? do my son really look like my papa?? Haha

(My Papa / Me as a toddler / My son when hes 1 y.o)

I always remember whenever my mom gets mad at me she always says "anak ka talaga ng tatay mo!" (you really are your fathers daughter!) Or "manang mana ka sa tatay mo!" (You inherited your father's attitude!)

(Me on my 20s / Papa on his 20s)

when I was young they always say that i exactly look like my father and some of my habits resembled him and now they also say the same thing with my son... 😂😂😂
It really amazed me.

(My son @ 3 y.o / Me @ 3 y.o)

very well i think its time for me to sleep..
i already spent a lot of time today here on steemit..

Good Night Guys Take Care! 😘😘😘

Please let me hear your thoughts about this....

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no comments? 😭😭😭


sry for no comments, there are some similarities, but maybe not as much as you would like!


wow thank you for your comment @tyrone3 :)