The Joy of Family

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There is no greater joy than the joy of family. Family is that things that can keep you motivated, bring you joy and peace and provide you comfort when life throws its greatest challenges your way.

I often find that my joy is defined by how my family is doing. No matter that level of success I achieve, if they are not fine, the victories are never really sweet. Thy also control the heights and the depths of my emotions.

Family is our first connection to humanity reminding us that there is more to our existence than just ourselves. Through family we reach out to our communities, cities, countries and then the entire planet. We define these relationships by the ones we have with our families.

Sometimes we get in arguments and fall away from our families. I always tell people that find themselves in this situation to just let it all go and forgive. I do not mean to forget what I mean is that when you are not able to be in relationship with your family life does not feel complete and we find ourselves searching for that relationship in other often unhealthy places. I do not mean you should take all types of crap only that you can love but not be in daily contact or in their faces regularly, just have them around and in your circle because ti means so much.

For those who do not have family, the great things is that you can make one any time. Build a close relationship with others and you will find that they become your family and provide you comfort. But make sure these relationships are healthy and built on mutual respect and a desire to see all prosper and reach their ultimate potential.

I wish you all love respect and wonderful times with family.

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