How the user experience and interactions can change everything

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I remember my childhood from 15 years ago. I come from an eastern european country and the technology was not present here, at least not at the rate we see today. Day-to-day life was totally different compared to today's children. There are four steps in the revolution technology comes with.


Back then, every child was living his best moments outside, on the playground with other children, playing football or other social games. Great times!

The second step is when internet kicked in, the game has changed a bit: the playground became the rooms full of people inside internet caffe's. There, one could play Counter-Strike, Starcraft or Red-Alert (my favorite was Red Alert 2 :D). Always full, when you were finishing your money you could watch many hours your friends playing, one could give tactical advices or laugh at your friends mistakes. Fun times!

The third step was when internet was mass-adopted and people started having their own personal computer: online and offline games, social media and all kind of interesting stuff. But the real interactions disappeared. This is an expected but not a really good effect. People became more depressive, their feelings were less known and they were feeling alone. This is the trend on today kids generation.

However, a new trend is showing up covering today people's psichology and thinking: experiences. Even if you are just buying a pair of shoes, a console game or participating in a festival the user experiences are more and more interesting and bringing positivity into the world.

New business arised around the concept of user experience: you enter the farm and you can harvest the fruits you want; at the exit you pay for what you go home with. Here you can check the best 3 places to Pick and Go in France:

Here you can check the customer experience trends for 2017:

Long story short, technology changes our way of living. It comes with good side and bad side, but we should all together develope what is good for us and let away the rest. Enjpoy life!


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