Taking time

in family •  last year

This morning my 3 year old gets up and wants to play Peppa Pig, I have a child as soon as her eyes are open she is ready to play! It doesn't matter if your still half asleep from the constant foot in your side from the night before, when she is ready you need to be ready! Most days I think to my self here we go again! But today was different, we got up and took out peppa 🏡 image and sat down to play. I thought to myself how lucky I am I get to do this anytime I want with this precious child! The look on her face when I say let's go play lights up the room! I know these days are getting slimmer by the day as I have two older girls in their teen years. So for now I am going to enjoy every moment that I can to capture these incredible moments where her imagination is in over Drive! image

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So happy to see you posting again! You have so much to offer!!