Birds and Bees for a Seven Year Old

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Saturday morning, through a fast series of questions and tangents and Ben telling me "I'm a girl", he and I had our first semi-detailed birds and bees talk. I'd say it went pretty well.

He now knows that if you have an "oh no", you're a boy, and if you have a "hoo hoo", you're a girl, and that girls and boys are like two pieces in a puzzle, and are meant to be together emotionally, physically, and spiritually in order to complete the picture God intended. But of course, we have to be careful which puzzle piece we choose to fit together with to make sure that it's one that makes us a better person, not a worse one.

He also knows that when two pieces of puzzle become one, they can miraculously produce a third puzzle piece. And that's how he got here. And I did have to add in that the third puzzle piece grows in the woman and emerges via the hoo hoo.

I think I stopped at that point. He seemed content with the discussion.


I think you handled the conversation well, Dad! I am so not ready for this kind of talk with my own 7 year old. He knows that mommies have babies but he doesn't know (nor has he asked) how they get there in the first place. Hopefully this conversation is still a few years off...and one that he can have with his father ;)

I enjoy the challenge of distilling "grown up" topics down so that my little guy can understand them! :) As it turns out, the world isn't really as complicated as we sometimes make it out to be ;)

LOL I well remember my talk about how the world is created with my kids!
Good job Daddy!

Thanks @weetreebonsai :) Like I was telling @keciah, no topic is so complicated that it can't be put into terms a 7 year old can understand! At least not that I've encountered yet.

Haha, I recently had this type of conversation with my 8yo. He was shocked, and a little disgusted.
He was familiar with the 'mating' that goes on around here with chickens and goats and so forth, but it had never occurred to him that people do it to! :D

hahahahahahaha! Poor guy! Hopefully his imagination didn't scar him too much

Haha I hope not.
His first question was, 'does it hurt?'
No, son, no it does not....