Baby No More

in family •  4 months ago

While a lot are remembering the loved ones they lost on this fateful day in 1990, we are celebrating you! Our baby sister, our kids' 2nd mommy, Jyron's best friend-enemy. Our Ali!

It was just like when, the floors started to shake, the wooden walls creaked like crazy and empty bottles fell from shelves. When we were anticipating a baby to be brought home the same day. When we all hurriedly ran to the maternity clinic to make sure you and Mommy were fine after that huge earthquake that took lives of thousands. You were that strong you had to make a grand entrance in this world. Do you remember how you were and still called A-lindol by anyone who remembers your story?


I don't often say this but I'm very proud of you. You are the youngest but at most times you have done so much than your elder sibs. You have the wisest decision in life and you always put everyone ahead of you. Sometimes, I feel like you are more a mother than other mothers I know. You are beautiful and you do not have any bit of reason to be insecure. You have gone and done enough and I'm sure our Mommy dearest is now proudly watching you up from heaven.

Thank you... More than the love and the gifts you've showered your nephews and nieces, I appreciate you more for taking on a role we all are supposed to be responsible of. For taking care of Jyron and making sure he's part of all the decisions you make. You are and will be blessed a hundred more folds for being the best sister to him (and to us).

You no longer look like our baby but you will always be that in our eyes. I wish of all your heart's desires to come true. I know you're worried about the dresses you've collected over the years of being a bridesmaid, don't be. The right one will come along. The one He's prepared perfectly for you.


Enjoy your day, our little Princess! I can't wait to witness the day when you finally become a queen.

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