2021 and I need a shower.. happy new year!

in #family3 years ago

It's 2021.

Brexit. Covid. Pubs are shut.

Well, shit.


AND I’ve spent New Year’s Day and today up in the loft, after discovering only 3 days ago that it was sopping wet with condensation


Warmer countries don’t have such problems I suspect, but a dreary damp cold winter in England is an on going battle to keep (basically anything) dry.

So I have done the only thing that needed doing and got stuck in good and proper.


The whole house will now benefit from a dry loft - hopefully no more damp and it will be warmer.

Happy new year to all out there.

Thanks for all your support throughout the last 2 years - it means a lot!

Ace times.

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.

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