New Normal

in #family6 months ago

It has already been four months that had passed when we went to this place then the quarantine had started. Four long sad months as we are grieving about mom
Four long boring months in seclusion but today, we made it to mom's grave. I had been waiting long to pay her a visit. When we walked there this morning the place looks as lonely as it had been
Makes me wonder mom is there deep under the ground for more than four months. That kind of thought running in my head. So, this is how it feels to lose a loved one. I miss you mom.
Sometimes I forget that she is gone, I am having those urges to look for mom hoping I can tell her about little progress I make in my own life but shortly I would realise that mom is already gone. That what makes this experience even more sad.

This is the new normal, face shield and mask a must. These are the photos I took with my daughter as we finally were allowed to go outside.

Much love