What really happened on 911???

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Cars were completely burned out but the paper underneath them didn't burn???? We saw the same strange anomaly in the California wildfires.

If you want to know what really happened on 911 go here... http://www.drjudywood.com/wtc/

Look at this group of houses completely burned to ashes. The surrounding houses and trees were left untouched??? The complete burn goes to the edge of the driveway and not an inch further??? WTF!?

People caught video footage of a blue plasma beam. This could be the process that initiates this strange chemical reaction... Fire is a chemical reaction... I don't know exactly what this process is... It's been described as cold fire or cold fusion???

The Hilton hotel in California was another strange phenomenon. The pine trees did not ignite but the concrete building was turn to ashes down to the foundation??? The white flag wasn't burned or even smoke damaged???

Trump Tower "fire"???

If you want to know who rules over you just ask who you cannot criticize!!!

Other strange anomalies trees burning from the inside out. Non flammable materials "burning"???

I'll come back and finish this later.

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If you like check out this book "painful questions"a good friend of my brother wrote it his name is Eric Hufschmid and my brother translated and published it in Germany.

English version:

The German version from my brother:

Have a nice day and God Bless!

You dont know major fuckery.free-money-clipart (2).jpg

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Our advice is to go out and start some fires, learn how fire works. None of what you wrote makes even the faintest amount of sense. Fires have a huge dependency on certain things:

  1. Wind
  2. How close the next set of fuel is (in your nieghborhood photo, the next seet of houses has a nice distance from the burnt set, distances get shorter with wind, but perhaps no wind that day?)
  3. type of fuel: if you knew ANYTHING about fire, you'd know a tree with green leaves that's not a pine, has about as much chance of burning as ZERO. You can practically grow one inside of a giant fire. A green non-evergreen tree is LOADED with water, water don't burn.
  4. structure. the tree you say is "burning inside out" is a hollow tree, it's IDEAL for fire, as ideal as a wooden skyscraper (which is how all of San Fran went down)

You know exactly NOTHING about fire, and it's clear from this post. Again, not trying to be a GIANT dick (just a bit of a prick), but you really need to get outside, get some sunburn and some beta rays from a fire you make yourself. If you practise burning stumps, for instance, you'll actually learn something so when you read all the consipracy-theory articles you'll know better which ones might have some merit, and which ones are written by pasty-white teenagers with no friends in a damp mold-spore filled basement on a hidden beyond-Antarctica island called Fatlantis.


I'm glad you liked it.

don't tell me you actually believe that bullshit from ADL supporter jewdy wood?? i'm sure (((she))) doesn't have any incentive to lie!!