Fall In Alaska : 2018

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Just a small post saying I’m still here. Been busy.
Hope you all are ready. I don’t think anyone can really be fully ready for winter. There is always that one thing.


Yeah, I'm still here too. Just busy up to my eyeballs. Hope you're doing well and not in pain.

Time for the fall colors and then it'll be winter quickly.

Glad to hear your still here.
Unfortunately the pain has only gotten worse, I actually have appotments set up. 😔
All I see them as is a black hole of money for a short amount of time. I will be truly surprised if they actually help me this time. I avoid doctors as much as possible because they have never helped. I end up knowing more about what’s going on and the treatment them the docs themself.

Yeah I love the colors but hate the reason for it. It seems to go by way to quick

We are taking bets in my family when its going to snow. My mom is sticking to her by halloween theory. I am saying not till beginning of november :) What do you think?

Hubby says October 12th, I say a week and a half after Halloween.
Growing up in North Pole we always have snow and negative temps.

Beautiful picture capturing the beauty of this busy fall season! We got hit with a hard frost early this year that kind of put a damper on things. I'm still waiting for Indian Summer to get another warm spell before winter sets in but this cool wet weather doesn't want to go away.

We have had some cool temps, 40°-30°F. Cool enough to start nightly fires. No real hard frost, or the “S” word yet.❄️🌨 We did get some of the “R” word💧🌧 😕

Funny an old timer was predicting we would get our first snow Sept 15. No one wanted to hear that but sure enough we got snow but it din't stay.

Sometimes they just know

I like to listen to the old timers tales of life up here in the forest and lake country. I imagine you have some real character there with some tales to tell. It can be pretty harsh living up north.

Had a few good touches of frost down this way, even a few places already have snow!! I am so NOT ready for the white stuff yet.

We are not ready either.
Wow crazy how south and east of us have snow already. Barrow is suppose to be getting some snow though.

How did your garden grow?
How’s the cabin coming?

Glad to see you are still around. Scenery looks very similar to around here. Are those mainly birch that you have there?

Birch, alder, cotton and spruce

Yeah that's similar!

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I’m back, but busy. Hard to find down time to write.

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