VIDEO: Students hate Trump’s State of the Union Address…before it even happens!

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For some people, Donald Trump's first State of the Union address was the worst in recent memory.

Campus Reform just published a video showing NYU students expressing outrage about the contents of the speech.
The only problem?

It's not until tommorrow.

Many were shocked and appalled. I'm appalled that people would so eagerly prove their ignorance in such a public forum as a "newscaster/man-on-the-street" stunt. Dear God, we're doomed...

Was it really racist though, "Quite racist, at the very least," said one student, "if not up there with 'most racist.'"

"It's offensive, it is crazy, but I'm not shocked by it."

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Hugely Racist.

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Wow really this is crazy

I was really looking forward to him revealing to the responders that it hadn’t even happened yet..

I never cease to be amazed at how often college students show themselves to be dumber than regular folks.

Of course, I look back at myself at that age, and the memories of some of the things I believed to be true often make me cringe as well, lol.