Julian Assange RedIt Q&A 10/01/17

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Anybody not completely confused, please raise your hand. Hmmm, that won't work. There seemed to be a mix of 'proof of life' and 'this proves nothing at all' in today's question and answer session on [RedIt.] (


At 0:55:30 and 0:56:12, Julian makes references, twice, to “February of this year” when discussing last year's UN determination that Great Britain was holding him unlawfully. Well that does not seem current, but early a new year people often make errors when writing the date but I don't recall hearing anybody refer to a date last year as 'this year', but it could happen.

Weirder still, at 01:03:45, he refer to Hillary as the 'presumptive president' using the present case. What? Now that cannot be a slip of the tongue. This vidio is old or Julian is sending a message.

Then at 1:28:57 he makes reference to being called a pedophile on CNN. This is a quite recent event, the last couple of weeks at most and could not have been predicted weeks in advance and towards the end of the session he reads off the hash code for a then current BitCoin and shorty there after reads out current sports scores.

During the discussion of proof of life he describes two rather odd ways of sending a message hidden in a live presentation and immediately states that he is not doing that, but could he be doing something else like misstating dates?

So I would say that Julian must be alive but still may not be 'free' or at least freely running Wikileaks.

Please add your assessment because I am not confident in mine.

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I haven't had good focussed time to give the latest wikileaks ama thread and vid a through look yet. I'm not sure what to believe anymore in regards to Assange POL :o/

I want to believe he's all good so badly, but if he's fine and not under duress then I'm kinda pissed off at him for letting this drag on as long as it has, ignoring fans and giving an exclusives to faux news and reddit of all places.

It makes me wonder if those "crazies" saying assange was raised by the family cult as a sleeper agent may have actually been onto something.. Something still doesn't feel right here, but I'll reserve judgement till I can check out all the new "evidence" we're being fed


I thought the choice of Reddit was odd but then, where else? An exclusive with an established Alt News type would have felt better to me. The Q&A is long, the active part being over an hour, but not the three hours displayed in the post. Much of that time is dead air.

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