Fascinating and scary Jennifer Lawrence clip

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Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Lawrence digitally merged into one person...

Amazing what technology can do!


Anyone with some digital skills can now make you do anything on video. You may have no knowledge about it, but it will look very real to others.


Just because you “saw something with your own eyes”, doesn’t make it true anymore... This is the height of fake news and deception. What can we still trust?

It may bring Marilyn Monroe and Tupac back in the best case, but what can it do in the worst case?

Too late

It’s too late to “protect our personal data” (=faces) now. Most people have taken part in Facebook’s 10 year challenge, and most people volunteer their faces through selfies on the internet every single day.

This is the world we live in now. Nothing we can do, except contribute to raising consciousness, so humans will use this for each other, not against each other.

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There is alot of crazy Stuff out there

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This can actually improve a lot of people’s lives, though


Yeah. But vid is 8 yrs old and so far u dont see a public sale for this...

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Life is so funny and connected in a way. I am reading a book about freedom and privacy in the AI era and the story is that anything can be prefabricated. The scary part is that the book was published more than 7 years ago...

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