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Since the mainstream is still clinging to this "FakeNews" narrative, while simultaneously censoring research and questions, dissent, and people in all forms of media, let's just make it backfire on them! Because it can easily be demonstrated that they are in fact the main purveyors of false news, let's show and forever record on the Steemit blockchain, any examples of this blatant hypocrisy...

Instead of using the #fakenews tag, which seems to only have 4 posts in it, and doesn't dispel their rhetoric, why don't we try #fakemainstreamnews as the main archive? It's a little more definitive and compelling to my ears...

My first contribution to this new posting category, is a lie from the BBC, aired on Aug. 24 2011. They wished to show that the Western backed "non-democratic regime change," (read; terrorist/violent coup,) and ousting of Libya's then leader, Muammar Qaddafi, had overwhelming support from the people of the country...

The problem with the report is that the video they used which they claimed to be live from the capital city of Tripoli, was actually from a protest occurring in India! As in, half a world away, Indian people, in Indian dress, waving Indian flags, but you know, "Live from Tripoli..." LOL! Me and my dad even emailed them over this lie, with no answer of course... I am not aware of a subsequent retraction... Whether the people actually supported the ouster and killing of Qaddafi is a separate question...

Though the volume is low, here is the 1 min. video...

(This was the only copy of the report that I could find. If you know of a better quality one, or a retraction of the story, I will gladly update this post.)

Here is India's flag.

Here is Libya's flag as it was in 2011. (Has since been changed.)

Please join in and use this #fakemainstreamnews tag to archive any old or new, false stories or outright media lies that you know of out there. If we add simple supporting arguments proving their stories fake, their lies won't last much longer... B"H...

The Steemit Community For Truth!

Anyone is welcome to add a link to their #fakemainstreamnews postings below!

Other #FakeMainstreamNews:

Thanks For Your Attention and Support!

Melech מלך ben Chaya, @inphiknit 

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Your example is hilarious, it goes to show how little respect they have for the general public's intelligence that they would even push this in the first place. This propaganda was all to oust the democratically elected leader of a country, that just coincidentally happened to be in the process of moving to a gold backed currency...

I've got some examples to add:

1 - Fake terrorist events to garner support for war: BBC and the rest mainstream media have been proven over and over to be faking atrocities. Chemical weapon strikes, car bombs and more have been completely faked using crisis actors. This video from RT covers a lot of these events, with video evidence of victims/crisis-actors getting up completely fine once they think the camera's are off:


3 - The Brussels Terrorist attack of March 2016

At this point, I consider most widely publicized attacks to be false flags - especially if they have a clear political message and are trying to provoke a specific reaction from the public. The media is complicit and spreading these lies, over and over again.

In Brussels the local media immediately spread these CCTV images and video of the airport attack as proof :

The thing is , this was actually footage of an attack on Moscow’s Domodedova International Airport in 2013 :

No retractions, any time the media is caught out they just move on and for the bulk of the population these things just dissapear down the memory hole over and over and over. And people like me are treated still paranoid nut-jobs for pointing out the blindingly obvious.


Wow! I didn't know about this Brussels/Moscow link. These devils are just unbelievable...


2 - Reporting false flag terror attacks ahead of schedule
There have been many examples of this, with this example on 9/11 being one of the most famous. This is a BBC news reporter letting us know about the latest news about building 7 collapsing - with the building clearly visibile uncollapsed in the background. Oops.

There are countless examples on 9/11, don't get me started on that ridiculousness...


I realize now that I was probably supposed to post these separately and link them here, but I'm already midway through making a different post .. I'll put some future posts out with this tag though ;)
Resteemed this post, hopefully the idea spreads!


Thanks so much! Let's kick 'em in the pants....

Ever since I saw this BBC footage on WTC 7, I haven't been able to stop thinking that it was intentionally left. As in maybe a white hat trying to do what was right... Isn't it too obvious for a producer/editor to let slip by?


You could be right, its one of those moments that just seems too ridiculous to be an accident.
It would've been crazy complicated to try and coordinate something this day, using the worldwide media without tipping off the few remaining journalists with a clue what you're doing. It seems clear to me that some of the US journo's and tv producers were on board with the days festivities, but possibly not the BBC and some others.
Way to break the illusion guys!


There's always the possibility of a sort of 'Ffnord'. Leave a deliberate anomaly, or something so obvious like 'Outright Terror, Bold and Beautiful' on the London Bus on 7/7 that it becomes another obstacle to a coherent narrative. Normies, unable to reason effectively, will get caught up with minor oddities instead of working towards the big picture. They also function as fracture points for anti conspiracy arguments.


You're so right. They have total contempt for us...

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Great initiative! I've been trying to expose the MSM's true hypocritical nature all by myself for so long... I'm happy people are finally getting together in retalliation to their latest attacks on citizen journalism!

Maybe you'll find something of interest in the (non-exhaustive) ''media manipulation'' playlist I made on YouTube:


(Edit: I've updated the comment to share the entire list)


Thanks for playing your part in getting truth out there. I'm tired of how manipulated people are by the mainstream news. My Steemit blog is also about news that people never get from the mainstream media but that is vitally important to our children and future generations.


I'll have to do some exploring on the weekend...

Thanks for making a difference!

Please reach out to me on steemit.chat. i am fuzzy on there and id love to help with this.


There's also a channel there with some interested in research.


Oh that's Great! I've signed up and am searching you as soon as I find the button^^

Edit: I've sent you a direct message.

Hello there! I am VERY new here but I really like this idea. I find myself using MSM fake news a lot since people tend to lump alternative news with fake for various reasons. Thank you Linda (Coconut) for bringing this to my attention. I need to familiarize myself with this platform quickly. I see there is lots to read and discuss. Thank you again!


Welcome to Steemit and nice to meet you @obsidianblaze! You're welcome to link any posts you make about MSN's #fakemainstreamnews here in this comments section. Dive in!


Got it! Nice to meet you as well. Thanks again. :)


Thanks! I hope we all make it real!


Thanks but really it's their brazenness that is awesome... lol

I just changed a tag on my post, which I wrote 3 days ago. You will see it in your category now. Let's see if your idea catches on!


Fantastic! That's a perfect example! Though I've heard a lot about it, I haven't yet watched VaXXed. I should take the time...

Thanks for your contribution!


That's a huge help! Thanks!


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That's a lol for sure. I think they make gaffes like this all the time.

Fake News Gets White House OK

By Dan Froomkin
Washington Post
Tuesday, March 15, 2005; 11:00 AM

Video news releases
Also known as prepackaged news stories, are video segments created or funded by
government agencies to be indistinguishable from standard news programs.

CNN Caught Fabricating News

Covert Propaganda refers to media materials prepared by a government agency
and then disseminated by a non-government outlet the source undisclosed

50 False News Stories By Bush Propaganda Machine

A Strategy of Lies: How the White House Fed the Public a Steady Diet of Falsehoods

Fake Hate Crimes

Database of hate crime and hoaxes in the Usa


Classic! Thanks for adding this!