Is this the age of lies ?

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What is the meaning of Truth today ?

Growing up I relied on listening to radios , watching TV news , newspapers to get your news . It didn’t matter to me back then , I was too young , carefree and loving life in a small island nation . I didn’t need to know the news , it made little impact in our lives , or so I thought .

According to Wikipedia “As of 2017, 90% of the US's media is controlled by six companies- Comcast, Fox, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.[8]

Fast forward to 2018 and the rapid rise of digitilization , social media has surpassed print media and even television news to become the new norm . So much so that media conglomerates have had to make massive acquisitions in the social media space to remain a force .

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Why does this matter .

The answer can be best summed as follows “ Those who control the news , control the masses “.
Take a look at the biggest names in media today ( not in any order ) .

1.Walt Disney .
Time warner .
Fox .
Comcast .
Face book .
Google . ( Alphabet )

From the above companies , FB and google control a large aspect of news that the millennials read and believe . They also rely heavily on other media outlets such as Twitter , Buzzfeed , Reddit etc . The result of the rise of alternative media has hurt the bottom line of these media giants . Media today will resort to anything that is news worthy , fake news , distorted news . Misinformation or whatever you want to call it . Every single medium of mind control and mass persuasion and source of information is under control , by that I mean that GOVT has penetrated google , Facebook , Twitter , long ago . Their are one one of the most potent propaganda tools today , nations have been toppled , revolutions started , via social media . Make no mistake , your information is being put to someone else’s use .

The top 5 biggest media companies in the world are all American . Their reach , power and influence is so widespread , it’s real impact on how you think , vote , judge and go about your daily lives is more than one may realise . Let’s not forget the medium of entertainment . Movies have been a huge strategy for how America wants you to think , and perceive them . For decades Russians , South Americans , American Indians , have been portrayed as being hostile and the “ The bad “ guys . Now it’s the middle eastern people. This is mass propaganda . Kids growing up will know that people of the Middle East are “terrorists “. They will be programmed and bombarded on their sources of news with propaganda . As they grow up and become future leaders their minds and hearts will be firmly set on their view of the world .

Let’s take at a look at how many users are active on FB and YouTube . According to business insider here are some stats :

Facebook (1.15 billion MAUs)
YouTube (1 billion MAUs)
Qzone (712 million total users), China
Sina Weibo (500 million total users), China
WhatsApp (350 million MAUs)
Google+ (327 million MAUs)
Tumblr (300 million monthly unique visitors)

MAU ; monthly active users .

Picture ;

FB abd Google remain the number source of news . You cannot get any decent video provider and no one comes close to YT . That surprises me . Ask anyone today to look something up and you can be assured “google it “ , will be the most likely response . Information is power , power as we know is what you do with that information.

Picture ; cartoon movement .com


When the Arab Spring started , google and FB played critical roles to start false rumours about the Arab world . They facilitated revolts via fake news , provided platforms for fake news to be spread . The damage done . Millions displaced , millions killed .


They continue to play critical roles in controlling what the deep state wants out there . Why have thousands of users abandoned YT and gone to Patreon ? Why are we here on steemit ? Perhaps because we get paid to post , but YT has blocked many successful Ytubers from sharing the truth , demonetising their accounts . I’ve said this before , FB and Google are today a feared state , engineering news that changes the course of history , mostly for the wrong reasons .


Until we realise what is True and what’s not - our world is about to get twisted a whole lot more .

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