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Think; don't do that. Expect; Not at All. Know; Truth = Believing Lies Matters.

You've GOD 2B Kidding....

Past Principal Principle ProblemPart2:W/
AmericanRevolutionPart2: WordWarWon

Practically Proving Providence's Pure Preponderance Permenantly: Per Profound Political Plot;

TruthThe Peopleif you can keep it :

God revealed a 243 year old riddle to me & reminded me of what I read years ago, why it had struck me so powerfully as it did then, I wasn't sure, but now I know.

This is a poem written by Benjamin Franklin in 1748, for Poor Richards Almanack, my favorite since I read it:

Robbers must exalted be,
Small ones on the gallow tree,
While greater ones ascend to thrones,
But what is that to thee or me?

The Riddle God revealed to me, I had read this paper before, didn't catch it:
In text below if you can't read this.....

"Strange! That a nation must run thro’ such a labyrinth of trouble, and expend such a mass of wealth to gain the wisdom which an hour’s reflection might have taught. The final superiority of America over every attempt which an island might make to conquer her, was as naturally marked in the constitution of things, as the future ability of a giant over a dwarf is delineated in his features while an infant. How far Providence, to accomplish purposes, which no human wisdom could foresee, permitted such extraordinary errors, will be believed by some and doubted by others, and still a secret in the womb of time, must rest until futurity shall give it birth."

Key Words:

  • naturally marked in the constitution
  • delineated...features while an infant
  • How far Providence
  • no human wisdom could foresee
  • permitted such extraordinary errors
  • still a secret in the womb of time
  • futurity shall give it birth

Key Holes:

  • Natural Rights are embedded within the Bill of Rights.(Naturally.)
  • Marked in the constitution as amendments therefore infancy.
  • How far? As far as it takes...
  • Faith & Truth is all they needed.
  • Excepting the Principal Natural Right is an Extraordinary Error as no other rights have any meaning if we have no right to our Principal Property, our physical constitution or body/self & what we do with it.
  • Now a newborn fathered by space, after 243 years in the womb of time, futurity has given this secret birth, for the world to see & be certain:


Relevant Truth for Consideration:

Thomas Jefferson wrote a paper on the Constitutionality of a National Bank & delineates within it how WE ARE NOT IN DEBT, THE 20 TRILLION DOLLARS, BILLS OF CREDIT ARE UNLAWFUL, (regardless of being printed on it stating otherwise) THEREFORE THE DEBT IS UNLAWFUL & WE OWE NOTHING. AMERICABELIEVING_TRUTH IS NOT IN DEBT. NULL & VOID(part of the plan;p).

John Adams appointed the Chief Justice, Marshall, who wrote the opinion that was used in the propaganda campaign to justify the Elastic Clause which Congress uses to write anything they wish into law, turning our federal Union into the Federal Government. The federal government isn't meant to exist, it is not to govern the people directly, print money, have but a few of the agencies they do, primarily to protect our Natural Rights, such as the USPTO for intellectual property & the post office for protecting speech. The Elastic Clause is a Spectacular Fraud but it was no mistake that Cheif Justice Marshall used the exact words he did, they knew the loyalists would take over the government so they made sure the crumbs lead back to the Master Political Engineers that set up the tyrants of the world so everyone could know their enemy.


"Do me the Favor, to deny me at Once!" Benjamin Franklin


Notice: All P words below Pertain 2 Proposterous Pricks Primarily....

Preeminant Preference Primary Peers Privy Promulgating Particular Private People Playing Practice Particularly Pedophiles Penitent Pharmacuetical Proprietors Professionally Pimping Pretentious Physicians Poisoning Persons Pumping Pills Profanely Pursuing Profits Prepare Premeditated Premier Perpetual Punishment Protocol Prison Preceding Perdition Post-mortem Pathway Pending Plus Putrid Preying Plutocracy Permitting Plundering Politicians Phony Philanthropists Profligate Panderers Principal Positions Procuring Priceless Premature Public Producing Poverty Problems Purging Process Proceeds;P


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