exercise your authority

in #faith6 years ago

Exercise Your Authority!
Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou? Ecclesiastes 8:4 (KJV)

A king is a male ruler of a country who usually inherits his position and rules for life. As a child of God, you must understand that you are a king or queen. When Jesus Christ died and resurrected He made the saints kings and priests unto God, Revelation 1:6. Therefore, don’t take talk or speak anyhow. Your words carry power, hence, be conscious of what you say and direct your words well so that they can benefit you and your audience. Don’t allow anybody to look down on you after having this knowledge in you. Go into the Holy Scriptures and take the Word of God and speak it by faith into your life, family, business, career, nation and you will see the positive change that you desire; the Holy Spirit is ready to bring your words to pass, therefore, don’t stop speaking until you have seen the desired results.

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