My Fairy Tales # 3 - A Lonely Flower 🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼

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It was a sunny day. The birds flew across the sky, the beasts ran along the forest edge, the fish swam in the pond, and there were no signs of trouble.

A lone flower grew in a small hole.

When the year of the nasal seeds from the flowers scattered all over the district, they landed on the edge of the forest, in the field and near the water. Only one seed fell into the hole. There and our flower is brewed. He was very sad and bored. The flower could not talk to anyone, because other flowers were very far away.

The flower did not see the sun, because the trees that stood next to him cast a shadow over him. The flower drank a little. He grew up far from the water. And only when it rained he could drink water.

So the flower lasted a whole year. But suddenly the flower began to notice that it was becoming colder. Gusts of wind increased, black clouds appeared in the sky and the sun disappeared from the sky.

From the pit in which the flower grew, he saw the trees leaning from the wind. The foliage falls to the ground.

The wind grew stronger. The branches of the trees broke down and all the flowers that grew on the edge of the forest died.

The flower thought that soon he would perish. He was scared, but he could not do anything. He was saved only by the fact that he races in the pit and the wind almost did not penetrate there.

It took another 2 hours and finally the flower saw a ray of sun breaking through the dark clouds. The flower was pleased.

"At last it will all end." thought the flower.

And indeed, towards evening the wind died down and the sun appeared in the sky. But the joy was not enough. All the flowers except him died. The flower became very sad.

Autumn has come....

The flower had its own seeds and they scattered throughout the district.

And in spring new flowers grew from his seeds. They were even more beautiful than before. The flower smiled and again felt itself happy.

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